January 24, 2017

Dear Lover—What If?

“Never leave someone who touches your soul more than your body.” ~ Unknown


“What if” are the words that, like delicate feathers, fly upon the wings of hope.

They are full of promise. They are an unknown, a moment spent wondering if what we dream can actually exist, and so I ask you, my lover—what if?

What if we’ve learned enough lessons and are finally ready to enjoy the blessing of one another?

The moments and years that have collected ancient dust as our history grows over them were perhaps meant all along to be the foundation for us; a basis of trust, uncertainty and authenticity that can support even the strongest of storms, because surely we could never have rushed anything we wanted to last forever.

Perhaps no mistakes were ever made in this storyline, and every turn of these brittle pages was designed to just reinforce and strengthen our lives so that if time rolled around once again we could be in the place to see what it is we have—to actually look it in the eye.

Had things come more easily or quickly, I wouldn’t know what it is about you that always drew me in so effortlessly. I might have continued to reduce it to meaningless coincidence, not realizing that it was our unique, vibrational connection that ultimately would show to be one of my greatest blessings.

What if this is the moment that we were created for?

I don’t know any other place, other than in your arms, that has ever brought me more peace. There is a break within the span of time that seems to elude even my greatest fears when we are together, and in that beautiful fragmented second, I find myself content knowing I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Not because of ease, answers, riches or even the promise of prosperity, but because as much as I have tried to live otherwise, you bring a completeness to my soul that leaves me in ecstasy.

And I wonder, with tentative lips upon your cheek bones, if everything in my life has been directing me to this very moment—with you.

As unlikely as it once seemed, or perhaps still does, there is a familiarity that dances between our souls when we are at our most vulnerable and tells me that I may, just possibly, have arrived home.

What if not seeing what this is ends up being is the biggest regret of our lives?

Even with the passing of time, I still don’t believe that we have even nearly finished our work together.

We just recently acknowledged that our souls signed up to work together long before we were born and found one another in this life, and now it seems that we have barely begun to scratch the surface of those lessons.

I don’t know what the future may hold, and I don’t claim to be privy to God’s ultimate purpose for you in my life, but what I do know with more faith and conviction than I have with anything else is that you are in my life for a reason—just as I am in yours.

There is a greater purpose to all of this and it tinges with the reality that somehow the closer we become, the greater we rise into ourselves and our individual destiny.

Anything that has traveled the dark, foreboding streets that we have and has still somehow been drawn toward the distant and illuminating sunrise, deserves to be finished.

We deserve to know if this is in fact love.

What if I am God’s gift to you? 

I know that at times it seemed impossible, because of your inner struggle to feel worthy, to accept that what I have to offer is meant for you. Yet now, by giving in to what will be, we’ve been drawn together not through passion, but through teaching one another about life and all the mysteries it contains.

I have always been here, just as I always will be. It’s the only way I know how to be with you. Perhaps at times it was difficult to accept that someone could be so open and unconditional, but in the greater picture of this life that we have yet to understand, I ask, “How else is love supposed to look?”

There is a reason that things are the way they are, that despite everything, nothing has removed us from each other’s lives or dampened the glint in my eyes that I have when you are looking into them. I have never looked at you and seen you as others do—I know that now.

The only thing that I see when I close my eyes and feel your soul is the heart of a man who deserves me more than anyone else ever has.

What if we are meant for one another?

It’s a scary thing to talk about “the one,” because then we run the risk of not finding them. Yet, the reality is that no matter how we all scoff at the idea, we still hope to find just that.

It doesn’t matter if we talk about twin flames, or the concept of yin and yang—all I know is that you balance me out.

What I lack, you provide, and what I can offer is what you desire.

Not because we are attempting to fit into a cookie-cutter mold of what men and women are supposed to be, but because we have embraced those divine masculine and feminine qualities within our own selves that lets us be fully present for each other.

No longer am I trying to do it all—nor am I even trying to do it like a man, because I know that my greatest gifts are found when I am simply being the woman that I was born to be—softness, tears, smiles and all.

And you, you no longer think that what you need grows on any tree waiting to be picked. You understand the qualities you need in a woman who you want to share your life with, and that even as strong as you are, you still need your compliment to be complete.

At different times we’ve both let our walls down and shown our vulnerabilities to each other.

For one moment, it felt as if we both surrendered to one another.

And so while so much may be unwritten or undetermined, the only thing I ask you now is what if?


“What if this actually works?” ~ Unknown


Author: Kate Rose

Image: Freestocks.org/Flickr

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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