January 20, 2017

Five Unique Ways to be Radiantly Beautiful.

*Warning: naughty language ahead!

Beauty is not about how we look externally.

Beauty is the thing that radiates inside of us.

It is the unique self that shines forth when we drop all our facades.

The cosmetics and diet industries try to sell us beauty, but true beauty cannot be contained in a bottle. It can’t be bought or sold.

Beauty is free and wild.

Many of us, in pursuit of the homogenized version of beauty fed to us by the media, have lost access to our own unique, radiant beauty.

But beauty never abandoned us. We abandoned it, but our beauty is always waiting for us to rediscover it.

We just have to know where to look.

Here are five unique ways to be radiantly beautiful:

1. Love your pussy.

When a woman loves her pussy, she’s naturally radiantly beautiful. When our pussies are happy and turned-on, we exude a confidence and sensuality that is unforgettable.

For a number of reasons, many women have become disconnected from their genitals, and that disconnection leaves us with love-starved pussies.

Everyday, tell your pussy that you love her, then feel what happens in your body.

2. Connect with your womb. 

In many traditions, the womb is known as the second heart. The womb is an energetically potent part of the female body that holds much of our unique essence and radiance.

In my private practice as a women’s sexuality and empowerment coach, I teach women how to connect with their wombs. When a client does connect, her entire being transforms in front of me.

She is suddenly more grounded, present, and her face begins radiating a unique beauty.

Most clients describe a feeling of warmth beginning to radiate from their wombs and through their bodies.

To connect with the womb, put your attention three inches below your navel and two inches back into your body.

If you don’t feel anything at first, that’s normal. Keep trying.

3. Remember the little girl inside of you.

Children under the age of seven naturally exude a beautiful radiance. They are fully alive and at peace with themselves.

Most young children have not yet disconnected from themselves and shut down their inner radiance because of conditioning, trauma and fear.

The wild and free little girls we once were still live inside us. We must connect with our own inner-child and ask her what she needs to feel alive and at peace with herself again.

Ask what she would love to do, and then do it. Most of our little girls will want to dance, play, sing, or do something else that feels free and creative.

Our adult selves will most likely worry about dancing and singing “well.” The little girl won’t care. She will just want to express herself. Dancing, playing and singing are great ways to open up our unique inner beauty.

4. Put your attention on softening your body.

As we grow older—and usually in response to trauma, hurt, and conditioning—we begin to chronically hold tension in our bodies. This tension eventually leads to energetic blocks in our bodies, which inhibit our natural radiant beauty from flowing.

Feel into your body and notice areas of tension. Then, breathe into the tension, allowing it to soften. When you do this, deeply stuck emotions may arise. Let go of trying to control and stuff down those emotions, and instead allow them to move through you with your breath.

As we soften our bodies, our radiant essence can begin to flow and shine.

5. Learn to have sex in a way that opens up your beauty. 

So many women I speak to in my private practice feel broken sexually and don’t enjoy sex.

But the problem is not that women are broken, it’s that the way we have been taught to have sex is broken. Most of us have learned to have sex in a more masculine way, instead of in a feminine way.

This has led to many women not enjoying sex and feeling like sex is a chore.

Sex is meant to open up our wild feminine nature and deeply nourish our hearts, bodies, and souls.

The number one shift you can make to have sex in a feminine way is to let go of the goal in sex. Most of us approach sex with the goal of having a orgasm.

Having a goal puts us into our heads, and has us striving and pushing to reach the goal.

Letting go of the goal allows our bodies to relax, and allows us to be more present during sex and enjoy the flow.

In other words, goals equate to masculine energy, while flow equates to feminine energy.

When we start to have sex in a feminine way, sex will begin to open and soften our bodies, allowing our unique radiant beauty to flow and shine.



Author: Sarah Kennedy

Image: Flickr/Aimanness Photography

Editor: Callie Rushton


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