January 30, 2017

How our Moon & Venus Signs can help us Find our “True Love.”

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Our horoscope is a map that points us toward love. 

Each one of us is unique, but if we are looking for a love relationship, our horoscope could help us understand the kind of person who is most likely to be a great match for us.

Our Moon Sign can tell us the type of person who can make us feel emotionally comfortable and secure on a day-to-day basis. The Moon sign also indicates our habitual patterns and gives us insights into who we can live with in harmony. After all, once the initial excitement of a new relationship wears off, we need a partner with whom we can enjoy a happy domestic life.

Our Venus Sign tells us who we may be romantically attracted to and find lovable. When someone inspires our love, we may find ourselves saying things like, “He can really make me angry, but there is just something about him that I love!”

What our Moon and Venus signs tell us about our emotional and romantic needs:

After you learn the sign your Moon & Venus are in (see bottom of this article), learn about your emotional needs in a relationship and the qualities you need in another person to find them lovable. This information will help you understand the kind of person you would be attracted to as a romantic partner, and the type you’re most suited to having an intimate and passionate relationship with.

Since this is the birth month of Aquarius, we begin with that zodiac sign.

If your Moon or Venus is in Aquarius: 

Being free is important to your emotional well-being, attracted to someone who is not needy or dependent. You look for someone who is independent and values friendship, as you do. They are even more attractive to you if they are an idealist. They also need to be intellectual and open to trying new things. You are not interested in someone who is too stodgy or conservative. What draws you to another person is their unconventional, even eccentric nature. They have to be willing to experiment out in the world and behind closed doors.

If your Moon or Venus is in Pisces:

Within you, there is a big emotional need to connect with someone who is kind, compassionate and sensitive. They will melt your heart if they have a sense of romance and do things like buy you a card or bring you flowers. You love a partner who is mysterious and is able to change their moods like a chameleon changes their colors. A daydreamer is someone after your own heart. Since you are quite sensuous, you are drawn to a person who enjoys putting on mellow music, lighting a candle and snuggling with you by the fire before they bewitch you in the bedroom.

If your Moon or Venus is in Aries:

You like someone who is demonstrative and shows you they are in charge. They are confident and assertive enough to pursue you. If they seem independent, and yet impulsive, they are especially exciting to you. They can call you up at a moment’s notice with an invitation to take you out dancing, or just offer to bring over a pizza (with some fooling around surely to follow). You like someone who is into sports, enjoys being playful and is competitive. This person turns you on if they are spontaneous enough to kiss you one moment and passionate enough to want to make love whenever the moment suits you both. They are unafraid.

If your Moon or Venus is in Taurus:

You are emotionally aroused when you meet someone who seems sensuous in all they ways that you are too. They enjoy the finer pleasures of life: dressing well, eating good food, drinking fine wine and partaking in a variety of cultural events. They also enjoy music and dancing. Yet, they can “kick back” and put on a pair of jeans and watch a movie at home with you. Because they are sensual, they enjoy physical touch, long kisses and passionate sex. You feel secure and protected because they are so practical and grounded. You can sense they will be loyal and faithful in a long-term relationship.

If your Moon or Venus is in Gemini:

You are attracted to someone who is a raconteur—able to spin stories of their adventures and make you laugh. You have an emotional need to be with someone smart, witty and constantly intellectually curious. Like you, they have a need to be doing many things, sometimes all at once. They are active and never seem to slow down. What excites you sexually about them is their mind, and the way they express themselves. They have a way with words that charms you and brings out your passion, both in public and behind closed doors.

If your Moon or Venus is in Cancer:

You feel drawn to someone who is emotionally sensitive and careful of your feelings. They make you feel secure when they put their arms around you and just hold you, making you feel as if everything will be okay. They love your domestic side because they have one too. You love to hang out with them at home, whether it’s playing a board game or preparing a meal together. There is something old-fashioned about them that reminds you of good old mom and dad. This person’s ability to nurture and make you feel loved brings out your own warmth. 

If your Moon or Venus is in Leo:

When someone treats you like the king or queen you are, you know they’re also special. You are instantly attracted to them if they sincerely compliment you and acknowledge you for your unique qualities. You are drawn to someone who is charismatic, attractive and commands respect when they walk into the room. If they have a playful sense of humor, they make you emotionally comfortable. But what draws you is their passionate and affectionate nature, which warms your heart, both in public and in private.

If your Moon or Venus is in Virgo:

You are attracted to a “down-to-earth,” what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of person. They don’t try to wow you with pretension and bling. As you get to know them, you can tell they are honest, loyal and genuinely interested in taking care of you. They remind you of yourself, which is why you are emotionally comfortable in their presence. Even though they are reserved when it comes to showing you affection out in the world, you know that behind closed doors, they can make love to you like a craftsman.

If your Moon or Venus is in Libra:

Beauty and style are important to you, so you are drawn to a good-looking person who is well dressed and classy. You are attracted to someone who enjoys fun conversation and socializing. They are refined and don’t mind arguing, but are never crude or mean-spirited. What really attracts you is their sensuous nature. They enjoy a romantic restaurant where the lights are low and you can talk over a glass of fine champagne. They melt you with the way they hold you close as you slow dance. When they take your face into their hands to kiss you, your thoughts turn to making love with them.

If your Moon or Venus is in Scorpio:

You gravitate toward an intense person, because you are so intense. They seem powerful and mysterious, which feels emotionally comfortable to you. There is no “weather talk,” in your conversation with them. Your conversation often turns to the psychological, and even the occult. You are totally captivated by their strong personality, as if you are falling under their spell. They exude sexuality in their voice, body language and words. You know that when you do make love with this person it will be deep and profound, as it would be with soulmates.

If your Moon or Venus is in Sagittarius:

The first thing you notice about someone who is right for you is their great sense of humor and intelligence. You are attracted to their joie de vivre and exuberance. They seem to really enjoy life as they talk about the adventures they’ve had in the outdoors and their exploits traveling to other countries. They seem to enjoy their independence, yet friendship is important to them. There is something about their casual attitude toward sex that both excites you and makes you feel safe enough to be unconcerned about what may happen in the long-term. Now is what counts with a person like this.

If your Moon or Venus is in Capricorn:

The person to attract you is solid and down-to-earth—filled with integrity. You are emotionally comfortable in their presence because they radiate an air of success yet also seem trustworthy. You sense they are cautious and a bit reserved, like you. You relate because you are also careful about taking risks too quickly. You like the way they move slowly in getting to know you. There is something in their kiss that tells you that “still waters run deep,” and that in a committed relationship with them, they will stop at nothing to please and satisfy you. 



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