January 25, 2017

To the Big, Bad Wolf with the Puffed Out Chest, Pretending you know how to Love the World. {Poem}


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I gave you my love,
my patience,
my hard-earned heart work
and non-attachment.

I gave you my friendship,
encouragement and support.

I shared with you
my strength,
and my gung-ho, positive, can-do attitude.

I held up your self-worth in the mirror
to remind you of your magic and inner power.

I stood by you
as your friend
and confidant.

I worked hard on myself to need nothing in return.
I meant it.
And became good at it.

But I must admit,
I never expected it to end like this.

With you
dusting off your overblown shirt.
Filled with egoic scorn.
You don’t look back
as you cough disrespect into the universe,
puffing out your chest.

A big, bad wolf.
Confident that I loved you with coercion.
Confident that all women swoon at your feet,
unable to stop from throwing themselves at your almighty frame.
Unable to unlatch themselves from your almighty talent.

Those weak, pathetic women.
Who claw at you.
Need you.
Suck at your energy
as if you were mana from heaven.

I see you.

I see the way you twist things to protect yourself,
to keep anyone from getting too close.

And that’s all I chalk it up to.
If there’s one thing I know,
it is that I deserve your respect.
All women do.

You speak of your own kindness,
your own capacity for love.
Like you know what you’re talking about.

But I haven’t seen the evidence,
I’m afraid.

Only a puffed out pup
filled with lacerations
which you inflict upon those who get too close when your mood is toast.

Playing big, bad wolf.
Pretending you know how to love the world.

When loving yourself
is just about all you can do… 

If that.
If that is even true.


Author: Catherine Simmons

Image: @wildflowermoxo on Instagram

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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