February 21, 2017

February’s New Moon in Pisces & Solar Eclipse.

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Court the fire of creation and embrace the unknown.

The new moon occurs on February 26th at 7:58 a.m. MST.

This February’s new moon coincides with a solar eclipse, which occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, blocking the visibility of the sun.

Many traditional societies feared the appearance of an eclipse. People understood eclipses as events in which the sun or the moon were swallowed up by evil forces. It was also commonly believed that our individual energy would be stolen by demons.

But modern day astrologists see an eclipse as a special time of completion when we can release the energies we no longer need.

As the moon covers the light of the sun, a negative force is created within our world. But it is not evil. It is a natural occurrence that we can harness to help us draw out the old. Because of this, our darkness may come to the surface leading up to and during an eclipse. The aligning of the celestial bodies is pulling this energy out of us like a poison. This is a good thing because we can now see the dark and transform it into a more loving force.

February’s solar eclipse will be seen during the day in Southern and Western Africa and also at the tip of South America, but we will all feel it.

Coincidentally, solar eclipses can only occur on a new moon, which is always an auspicious time for new beginnings, cleansing and releasing. They are a symbolic time to reassess goals and create new ones that fit our purpose better.

However, since Pisces rules this new moon there is a significant twist we must take into account. Pisces is a sign who likes to swim in the deep waters of the unknown. This means that late February will be a good time to get cozy, embracing the space of what is yet to be.

No matter how daunting this task feels, it is important that we pause and allow the future to remain unnamed.

Sometimes we jump toward our next task too quickly and don’t allow a proper incubation period. The Pisces energy consists of big dreaming and creation but it’s an energy that demands juicy, open space to manifest something entirely new.

There is nothing gained by rushing the fire of creation. Come back to the breath and release any urgency.

Significant celestial events can feel intense to our nervous systems, so find a few self-loving methods to unwind and give yourself permission for the natural cycles of our universe to do their work. Relaxing into the flow of the Piscean stream will ease us through this transition. Have a quiet bath and couple with the creativity of this water sign.

Interestingly, this particular new moon falls under the same sign that both DaVinci and Michelangelo were born. The current active forces are of brilliant creativity and ultimate genius. We struggle with these energies because they can either create something beautiful or cause frazzled chaos, which is another reason to sit back and observe before we move.

Sacred geometry is the emblem that represents this particular eclipse. It brings the gift of prophecy and the ability to make sense of the past. This happens as darkness is revealed; it’s exposed so we can understand what has been motivating our lives.

If we allow ourselves to see the darkness, the puzzle pieces of our lives can finally make sense. Like the exquisite perfection of sacred geometry, this new moon shows us how we fit into the web of life.

We must now accept our lives and ourselves fully and trust that what is happening is meant to be. In sacred geometry, nothing occurs out of order.

The creative juices flowing are meant to release us from the stagnation of the last few months.

Pursue the lightness of an open heart. Welcome joy back into your experience as the veil over the unconscious is removed by the celestial reset that the new moon eclipse provides.

“As without, so within.” ~ Hermetic Law

Remember, all this is held by the tender heart of Pisces. Sweetness and compassion are also strong qualities of this sign. Be gentle in this coupling, the creative fire that expands our horizons into the unknown does not come without growing pains. But what genius is ever easily birthed?

There is no limit to the brilliance that can result during this time of conception. Treat it like an internal genesis, and understand that great outcomes are not forced, but happen in their own perfect time.

Pause for peace in this wide-open space and let the magic unravel. A brand new reality is about to arrive. Let’s allow it.




Author: Sarah Norrad

Image: Flickr/tableatny

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock 




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