February 21, 2017

Five Ways to Establish a Deeper Connection with Ourselves.


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Reconnecting with body, mind, emotions and spirit are all essential for greater power, purpose and clarity with our being and life.

How can we know if we are disempowered and disconnected from our inner source?

When our breath is short, our body is tight and the mind is running the show, we are likely disconnected from our inner wisdom and power.

This may present itself through emotional body reactions, mental stories repeating in our heads and physical body responses that constrict us, leaving us closed off to possibility, options and new choices.

We may be repeatedly disconnecting from our power by locking into old patterns and behaviors. This can, in fact, be an addiction. Allowing ourselves to repeatedly get sucked into old behaviors and patterns is likely the root of much of our disconnection and disempowerment. Can we catch ourselves in the act?

Deeper listening to our inner selves and self-tracking are both essential for bringing our unconscious actions and choices to the surface. This is where our power is—in the present moment. When we can intercept an old thought, behavior or spiral of thoughts and emotions, then we can make a different choice. Our power is firmly rooted in making choices. These choices nourish and align us with our highest intentions, rather than old, outworn and negative patterns and behaviors that lead to behaviors that don’t really honor or serve us.

Recently I had a conscious interception of old thought patterns, and finally, put my foot down.

After days of self-loathing and feeling like I had made some poor choices—that resulted in deep heartbreak and sadness—I realized this was an old addiction for me, one of beating myself up mentally for making a “bad” choice and then further spiraling down into, “See, I’ve done it again” and even “I deserve this pain because of this bad choice.”

The addiction to these old stories has cost me much happiness and self-love over the years. But this week, I took my power back. I stepped toward the story rather than letting it control me.

After closer investigation, I realized that this old pattern of spiraling down and down in self-deprecation could actually be stopped if I chose to stop it. So I did. I realized that I could take my power back from these old thoughts, these old stories and the behaviors that came with them. I took my power back.

I’ve learned a lot from my recent painful choices and the grief that emerged through the heartbreak. I am more wise, careful and have expanded my compassion toward myself and others. This part feels good and should be celebrated. But staying stuck in the self-inflicted pain was a choice. And because I became aware of my thoughts and emotions, I could also say, “No more.” I chose to reconnect, realign and re-establish my connection to my truth, source, inner knowing and power.

What does it feel like to be connected, empowered and aligned with our inner source?

The body is the point of reconnection, the point of aligning with the present moment. Our bodies hold infinite wisdom and connect us to our source, Spirit and our inner knowing.

When we are connected and aligned with our inner wisdom and power, it often feels light, simple, easy and nourishing. Some feel joy, happiness and their hearts expanding, and their bodies and breath opening.

The dance of disconnection and reconnection is an epic journey of coming home, over and over again. It is the story of embodiment and establishing greater grounding, roots and resiliency, in order to ride the undulating waves and tumultuous storms of life.

Here are five ways to establish a deeper, sustainable connection with ourselves and our inner power.

1) The point of power is in the present moment.

We won’t truly know the power of this moment without establishing a deeper sense of self-awareness. What is arriving right now within your inner landscape? Do a self-audit and self-track every day.

2) Loosen the grip of triggers and painful stories.

Move the mind and emotions and don’t let them get stuck in unconscious thoughts. Use tapping meditation to take back your power, get embodied and hear the wisdom of your inner knowing.

3) Track the planets and know what’s impacting us right now.

A deeper self-awareness comes from understanding what influences us. Knowing how the planets are impacting our mind, bodies and emotions is a powerful step in bringing light (Jyoti) to our conscious awareness. Jyotish prevents unnecessary suffering and helps us align with right action and choices.

4) Study the layers of our inner wisdom and know thyself.

Our Jyotish chart is the most potent resource of identification and self-exploration that we will ever receive. It is the map of our soul and shows us our life purpose and our reason for being alive. The shortcut to understanding who we are and why we are alive can be found through studying our Jyotish chart.

5) Commit to self-growth and say yes to new resources and guidance.

Consistent guidance and support makes all the difference between success and failure. We can’t get new results when we continue to do the same things and make the same choices. Lasting, sustainable change comes when we stop repeating old behaviors. Big life changes can occur when we find ongoing guidance, support, new resources and tools for success.




Author: Saraswati J.

Image: Flickr/Hartwig 

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock 

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