February 7, 2017

He won’t Leave Her if she’s a Once-in-a-Lifetime Kind of Love.


“There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

He won’t give up on you if he knows he won’t ever find another woman like you.

It doesn’t matter what may stand in the way or how illogical it might seem. If you’ve been able to paint the sunsets in a different color with your smile and show him a love he never believed existed then he will never be able to walk away from you.

Love comes and goes, either it fades or it just simply dies a quiet death. 

There are moments of lust and desire but underneath it all, is what makes a man stay. The feelings of certainty that no matter how long he looks, or how far he roams, he won’t ever find another woman like you.

It’s been said that in order to be unforgettable we need to be full of contradiction; we need to keep him guessing. Not because of the complacency of our feelings, but because inside he smirks wondering what new thing we will get into next.

A woman with a good heart, a kind soul who dances to the rhythm of the earth as she seductively sways her hips beneath the glowing moon.

The sensitivity that blooms across her iridescent cheeks as her warm tears slide down. A woman who refuses to take sh*t from anyone. The type of woman who is a lioness in the bedroom, but who prays on bended knee on a Sunday morning.

It’s a woman who fulfills not just one area of his desires—but all of them.

There are millions of people in this world, there are hundreds with whom we could share a connection and an attraction—but there will be only one that becomes unforgettable.

Because no matter how many times he’s talked himself out of craving her taste, a man who knows that he found something that he won’t ever find again won’t ever give up on her.

He won’t turn his back, and let her slip through his fingers like the warm sands of summer. He won’t dismiss her magic and pretend that she is as common as the brown sparrow that perches outside his window singing a tune of mediocrity.

The thing with finding a woman that you won’t ever lose again is that she seldom comes packaged as you had hoped love would. She’s all wrong, or maybe it’s just that you didn’t know what right felt like. She might be convoluted, or maddening at times, yet it’s her intricacies that prove to be the greatest temptation to your hidden needs.

She’s different with you—and you know it.

That’s the truth about this kind of woman, she doesn’t show all of her cards to just anyone.

When she opens up and shows you the hand she is holding it‘s nothing short of awe inspiring. She has reserved the best parts of herself for you, and while others may appreciate or even be enamored it’s not because they truly see her.

She creates a different world within her imagination, one that not everyone can understand, but with you, she has opened doors that have remained closed. She has unearthed blossoming gardens where there was once only dry and untended soil.

There is no walking away from a woman he knows he will never be able to replace.

Each one of us needs something different from our lover after all. Love is not one size fits all. There are a million different languages and flavors, colors and sizes all waiting and dripping in their luscious realness. What is amazing for one, might be overlooked by another; what one finds to be too much may be just enough for another.

So this woman, while unforgettable is different for each man that she has enchanted with her realness.

She might be quiet, or perhaps she will turn into the life of the party. She might be a homemaker, or maybe she prefers to order takeaway. It doesn’t matter who she is, but rather what she represents.

She’s undefinable.

There is nothing like feeling we have found something special because no matter what our individual needs are, we all want to feel like we’ve found a treasure. We want to know that we’ve won the lottery in love and that there isn’t any doubt in our minds that there isn’t anyone else like the one we’ve given our hearts to.

A man won’t ever give up on a woman who is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love.

That’s not to say it will be easy, but that’s the thing about love stories too—we don’t want that. None of us goes to the movies to see the happy ending at the beginning of the film. Instead, we like the fourth quarter comebacks, when all seems lost, and hope is at a minimum.

Great love stories are in fact great not because of how easy it was, but because of the difficulties they overcame to make it work. The trials and tribulations that challenge if we actually have the gusto to go after what we want, and the rewards that follow that tells us no matter what this kind of love will always be worth it.

Nothing is ever over, and if he was able to truly let you go then it’s because there’s another man out there who is only praying to someday find a woman like you.

Time tends to reveal even the truest of colors. If this evening, you fall asleep by yourself, know that there’s nothing you can do to convince a man of your worth or teach him the secrets of the magic that you create.

The man that sees you and the woman who you truly are will know that he will never find another like you again in his life.

And that will be the man that will never let you go.

“The only guy you need in your life is the one who proves that he needs you in his.” ~ Unknown


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Author: Kate Rose

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