March 3, 2017

Donald Trump has no shame.

Donald Trump criticized by veterans for wearing military style outfit despite [repeatedly] ‘dodging’ Vietnam draft.”

“President is not first to have donned military garb but is first to have insulted a Gold Star family…” not to mention POWs.

“He already declared his Inauguration Day to be the “national day of patriotic devotion”, so I think any thing is possible.”

Actual text of his “speech.”

Thank you. Thank you very much. What an honor. They just gave me this beautiful jacket. They said, here, Mr. President, please take this home. I said, let me wear it. (Laughter.) And then they gave me the beautiful hat, and I said, you know, maybe I’ll do that. We have a great “Make America Great Again” hat, but I said, this is a special day, we’re wearing this. Right? (Applause.) I have no idea how it looks, but I think it looks good. It’s a great-looking hat — just like this is a great-looking ship.

The soon-to-be commissioned Gerald R. Ford USS — what a place. It really feels like a place. You stand on that deck, and you feel like you’re standing on a very big piece of land. But this is better than land.



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