March 25, 2017

A Meditation for Manifesting our Dreams on this Powerful New Moon.

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” ~ Alan Cohen


Our lives are full of opportunities to start over, however, every so often, there is a powerful and potent energy in the air that makes new beginnings far easier to accomplish.

Fortunately, the new moon on March 27th will be the exact frequency needed to give us the cosmic push we have been waiting for so that we stop procrastinating and really start to focus on putting our lives into gear.

Although this new moon appears to be relaxing, it comes at the beginning of a brand new season, so we will feel raring to go.

In the Northern Hemisphere, spring has just sprung, so together with the new moon, there will be a double boost of renewing, revitalising energy in the air.

Although we will be buzzing with inspirational thoughts and thinking up ways to implement these changes into our lives, the new moon phase is a time for setting intentions, so it is advisable to have patience and allow the heart and mind the opportunity to connect first so that they can agree on the best way to move forward. 

Once the new moon has passed, we can then start to put the changes into action.

New moons are like seeds, and with care, attention, and nourishment, whatever we plant during this time will quickly and beautifully bloom.

There may be many areas of our lives that we feel need radical alterations, but during the freshness of spring, many of us may feel strongly inclined to reinvigorate and revamp our romantic lives.

This could mean the end to a relationship that has withered out, so we can focus on pouring love into ourselves for a while, or it could mean radically overhauling the relationship we are currently in.

The best thing about this mixture of the new moon energy and the spring equinox is that it is the perfect harmonic blend to make us feel balanced and able to give and receive love in equal measures. This is a divine reminder that love is not a one-way road—it requires the heart to be wide open so that love is able to flow both ways.

New beginnings can feel terrifying to some and exciting to others. We can alter how we perceive them simply by being grateful for our endings, as when someone or something leaves, another door opens for new beginnings to enter.

Whether we resist or find pleasure in endings or beginnings, it can be highly beneficial to use meditation to assist with structuring our lives by focusing first on structuring our minds.

Meditation is the perfect practice to turn to when faced with the impatient, buoyant, and intense Aries energy and particularly when we want to focus on setting intentions for new beginnings. It also helps add integrity, authenticity, and meaningfulness to our future plans.

Below is a guide to a simple meditation that will help us manifest whatever we desire while also being able to remain calm and peaceful during this highly charged Aries new moon:

Meditation helps us remain in the present moment, so whenever we notice our thoughts casting back or projecting forward, we can just gently bring them back to the here and now.

Sit crossed legged with a straight spine, head slightly lowered and fingers in the chin mudra position (if this isn’t comfortable, choose any seated or lying down position with the hands together in front of the chest, palms lightly together, and thumbs and little fingers touching one another).

Inhale deeply through the nose, feeling the belly area expand and hold for approximately five seconds. As we inhale, we may feel the chest expanding slightly as this allows the heart chakra to open and lets loving energy circulate. We can then exhale slowly through the mouth.

Pause for only a few seconds before deeply inhaling again as above and then exhaling once again, while allowing any thoughts in the mind to spin aimlessly around.

We may likely notice that one significant thought continuously repeats itself. If so, focus the attention briefly on it, and acknowledge any feelings that are attached to it. Then, on the exhale breath, envisage gently blowing the thought away.

Continue this process with any other persistent thoughts in the mind. Allow each of them a few moments before releasing them softly.

Once we feel calmer, we can then inhale deeply while keeping our awareness on the new beginning we wish to incorporate into our life.

We can use the exhale breath to focus on whatever we wish to eradicate from our life.

If it helps, we can think of either a mantra or phrase to repeat in our mind that relates to our new beginning and sends a clear message out to the universe stating what we want. One example could be “I am open to giving and receiving unlimited, unconditional love,” or “I am inviting in this positive new beginning.” We can also try visualizing a person, place, or object that is connected to our new start and also invokes positive feelings.

On the exhale breath, we can choose a mantra that lovingly releases what we no longer want, such as, “I am letting go with love and gratitude.”

As we remain in this calm setting, we may begin to feel a warming sensation filled with good feelings rippling through our body and mind. The more positivity and faith we have in our ability to manifest, the greater chance we have of absorbing our thoughts and feelings so that they can come true.

Each inhale of breath signifies a new beginning, and each exhale signifies an ending.

As we continue inhaling and exhaling our beginnings and endings will start to flow as one, allowing the desired new intentions to firmly embed in our hearts and minds.

Even though the above exercise may seem simple, it will have a powerful effect on our future as we have set a clear intention for what it is we want to receive. We don’t need to worry if we change our minds about what we want right now, as we can alter our intentions by repeating the exercise whenever we choose.

Once we have completed the meditation, we can then transfer our brand new empowered thinking, wishes, and beliefs into our daily lives so that we start living as though every small step we are taking is a step closer to touching our wildest dreams.

“If all you can do is crawl, then start crawling.” ~ Rumi




Author: Alex Myles

Image: Flickr/Earvin Corona

Editor: Travis May


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