March 22, 2017

Even if you don’t see it Now, you will one Day. ~ Kino MacGregor

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It all has to mean something.

Life is so delicate, ephemeral, passing in one breath like the inflowing and outgoing tide. Here one moment, immersing us and flooding us, and gone the next, footprints washed away without a trace, only to begin the cycle one more time.

And I just think: It all has to mean something, even if we have to choose to believe.

Maybe the greatest test of our lives is being strong enough to tell a good story about every turning of the tides, every beautiful drop of water that touches our souls, and every bit of love that we give and receive.

It’s not futile, it means something. Even if you don’t see it now, you will one day.

It will all make sense. It’s not for nothing that you are here.

Every breath counts. Every single act in your life has richness and purpose. But without meaning, without truth, without love, well, it’s a downward spiral into senselessness, sensationalism, and show.

The most meaningful moments of life are not possible to capture in a post, they are private moments of rapture, of ecstasy, of peace, and of connection.

Think about this: in a world of oversharing the glory details of everything, you have the possibility to open your heart to a deep, spiritual truth.

The light of world can come into your heart and ignite the spark of spirit. The lamp of the soul can shine with heaven’s light. You can be filled with transcendent knowledge.

Lately, I’m questioning what I share and why on social media. I’ve considered deleting my Instagram account and withdrawing. But then I get a message from someone who has been impacted in a real way by something I’ve shared. And then I know. My life is on purpose, too.

My voice has meaning. I am exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I need to be doing.

My path is not for everyone, but it’s my path and it’s been divinely created, and I am learning more and more to trust, celebrate, and love the plan, especially when I don’t understand all the twists and turns or ups and downs.

If I could sum it all up into one truth: God is love and His love conquers all.


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