March 27, 2017

Handy Foreplay & Sexy Tips. {Adult}


I woke up this morning and sex wasn’t on my mind, which was inconvenient because next to me was a freckled, slim, intelligent blond woman already a bit turned on.

So, I reached for her hand. Not to marry her, but to rev up her already randy thoughts and sensations, and to excite myself as well.

Hands are full of nerve endings, and while they are busy reaching for the salt and pepper, playing the violin, pressing buttons on cell phones, and being our primary interface with the world, they are also patiently waiting to be discovered as the best sex toy ever.

Hands are to foreplay what feet are to walking.

Hands are where nerves meet to party. They offer a nuanced, hot, and fiery sensation fest.

I reached for her hand and began rubbing her left palm with my right thumb. We had time, so I took it. The secret of foreplay is “almost.” So I pulled my thumb across her palm, stretching muscles and offering sensations that would lead to full-blooded hand stretches in a few minutes.

What to do with hands.

While it is difficult to get things right with a clitoris or a penis, it is easy with a hand. Hands are open invitations to unlimited pleasure. Here are a few things you can do with hands that are likely to result in a hot time, anytime:

Pull a finger, any finger: Pull it for a full minute, exerting even pressure. Then slowly release it, offering the same stretch to another finger.

Mesh your fingers with your partner’s fingers, pushing together and downward making the weave of fingers tighter. Hold that position, while offering a sense of security and closeness. Then, very slowly shift the direction of your fingers, pulling them away while still remaining in contact, offering a full hand and finger stretch to both of you.

Flatter your lover’s hands by complimenting how strong, soft, or sensitive they are. Then whisper into your partner’s ear the sexy things you are going to do to their hands.

Have a threesome: Your two hands on one of your partners. Use your thumbs to create a rich stretching sensation on the triangle made by a point beneath the thumb, across to the other side of the palm and then up to a point below the middle finger. Hands like rough, prolonged stretching but make sure to get feedback, hopefully with moans and groans from your partner. Gently, but firmly and convincingly pull those palm muscles apart creating space for lots of sensations and rewarding hands for all they do for us.

Work on any finger tip: pinching, squeezing, milking like you might a cow. As I have said, just about anything you do to a lover’s hand is likely to be appreciated.

Above all, be creative, take your time, and remember that anything you do to your lover’s hand is felt in every nook and cranny of your lover’s loins, ear lobes, and toes while also being appreciated by their mind.

This morning, I only played with her left hand, because after 15 minutes we were both ready for intercourse. And while it would have been easier to remain in bed, we headed out to the back porch, naked and ready. It had rained off and on during the night and was still cloudy, warm, and overcast. As we made love, we listened to the blue jays in the distance, and the frogs celebrating spring in the pond nearby. As we reached climax, the dense, impending thunderheads offered a sense of immediacy as they threatened to soak us.

Later that evening, I massaged her other hand and we made love again, consecrating our digital meanderings.

Hands come in handy as the best foreplay tools ever.

Raising them results in getting attention, waving with them says hello, clapping them together acknowledges a job well done, and discovering their properties as tools for foreplay reveals that when it comes to making love they lead the way like nothing else into a sensation-filled holding of hands that represents closeness, sensuality, and a willingness to be connected and aroused.




Author: Jerry Stocking

Image: Pixabay

Editor: Travis May

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