March 15, 2017

Moving with Grace through Fear.

Welcome to the days of fear.

I am an author and an intuitive. I run an international leadership program, and in the past two decades, I have worked with thousands of individuals worldwide. I have lived through some powerful moments in my life, and in the lives of my clients, but a few times I have known experiences I would describe as purely mystical.

One of these was during a hospital stay when I was very ill.

In the brilliant and moving Ted Talk “Stroke of Insight,” brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor describes experiencing an extraordinary altered state as a result of a stroke.

My own illness was not as acute, but I was lifted beyond the limited consciousness of my familiar world nonetheless, and the insight I received was also profound.

It is not uncommon during severe illness to be able to travel beyond our ordinary senses. It was late at night, I was alone in the dark, and I felt my awareness expanding. As I sat up in bed, I realized that my perceptions extended through and beyond the physical walls of my room.

I could see into the room next to me and the hallway outside my door, all the way to the nurses’ station. I could watch people walking up and down the hall talking with one another and nurses conducting nightly rounds. My vision was functioning in such a way that I could perceive much more than just physical form.

In my heightened awareness, I was able to witness energy in motion, and as I looked up the hallway, it was as if sheets of ectoplasm were descending from the ceiling. The bubbled curtains hung like tapestries, each one a few feet wide and dripping almost to the floor. I say dripping because the texture was like that of sticky, glutinous matter, and it was moving as if constantly flowing from above. These translucent draperies were staggered and alternating in their positions so that it was impossible to walk directly down the hall without walking into them.

They were everywhere.

I watched as everyone went about their business, seemingly oblivious. It was as if they were walking through a surreal, undulating carwash without realizing what was happening. Fascinatingly, some walked easily right through and the curtains slid off them without resistance. Most, however, became entangled as the goop stuck to them like spilled hair gel.

Then, a communication came through to me very clearly: What I was witnessing was people encountering waves of energetic fear.

I was told to observe closely, because what was being shown to me represented what was coming in the days ahead.

I understood that one day these multiplying curtains would be descending everywhere, and our world would be awash in them. There would be no escaping, and so the processes of learning how to identify, face, and release our fears would become the most significant acts of our lives.

I was shaken by the implications of such a prediction and eventually fell back into a troubled sleep.

This vision was given to me 10 years ago, and has deeply informed my work ever since. I believe the days of which I was warned are now here.

When we speak of fear, most of us think in terms of specific phobias, anxieties, and traumas. We think of certain sensations and emotions as something to be quelled, drugged, or projected. We are ashamed of our fears. We blame ourselves or others for them. We try to conquer them or meditate them out of our lives.

But fear is something much larger than the knot in your stomach when you look down from a high place. It is a chosen, energetic state of being. It can be magnified. It is contagious. When unconscious, fear is a powerful creative force. When active, it becomes a shadow that shows up in a perfect match to our ancestral belief systems and our karmic path.

Fear is one thing only: the illusion that we are separate from love.

Just as fear can manifest in glutinous sheets, love is also a tangible force. Love is the true nature of our master hologram, the expression of our purpose upon this Earth. Love, as a polarity, can even show up as fear, granting us a new opportunity to walk through it and transform it. Love plays a much larger role than we realize, even in the darkest moments of these present tumultuous times. Love is the power that rises up when we dare to see the fear and say, “No more, this is not how I choose to live.”

Once we are willing to shift our worldview to include the idea that we are beings of expanding awareness, just as all energy is expanding all the time, then we can rise above limited paradigms. We can let go of the all-too-human temptation to focus on material distractions as an answer to struggle and pain. We begin to recognize the foolishness in our quest to own more things, gain more approval, be the first one across the finish line of achievement, power, and gain.

The bliss that awaits us is nowhere other than here.

The meaning within our experience of expansion teaches us that we no longer have to chase down happiness, but rather reveal where it has lain waiting as our blindness lifts. Our heaven is here on Earth, and we discover it as we find the courage to be here now, in the midst of the mess.

Walking through our fear is what we have been incarnated to enact.

We are the cat who stretches, not because she is trying to achieve something, but because she is a cat. It is what cats do. I stretch, therefore I am.

And while the road toward meaning may be paved with unexpected gold, it also bears curtains of fear. Those glistening sheets are the resistance we face in order to develop the muscle of love.

Do not be mistaken; the energetics of fear are not meant to simply teach us how to be good girls and boys or how to stay away from perceived danger. The curtains descend to offer an opportunity to walk into them fearlessly, and then watch them slip away, like water off a duck’s back.

Claiming this creation of our life experience is what it means to become conscious. Our vision, our world is determined from within.

Use your senses, all of them. Look around. See what is being revealed as fear surfaces. Watch what we are learning as it shows up in global waves of expression. What has always been true is now rising out of denial. What we have never wanted to admit is asking to be given a name.

And this, oh brave ones, is exactly what we chose. All the rest is distraction, and even that doesn’t work anymore. Have you noticed how the urge to transmute fear rises up in us? We plunge into relationships, and there it is waiting. We surrender to our passions, and there it is hiding. We think we have done everything right and yet there it is, no matter how hard we try. Sometimes our world seems to fall apart, and boy oh boy, there fear is like a bad dream without the arrival of morning.

But the freedom we find when we make the decision to stop being afraid of our fear is unequaled.

Instead of running in search of anesthesia, we can stand and allow the capacity for grace to reappear organically, as we cease fighting the polarized nature of our world. When we look beyond old habits of fearing black and white, somehow, mysteriously and magically, colour is born. We become light upon our feet once again. We don’t need to hurry, we accept. We get the feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Consider for a moment the role each one of us has in what is taking place upon our fearful planet right now. We may seem to be separated by nation, faith, or ancestry, but the truth is, we have the capacity to see through the illusion of this matrix. When we step back and view our planet from a higher place, there are no borders to be seen. We are not what we were just yesterday, and there is no limit to what we may yet become.

Our human hearts may not be able to carry the pain of every soul in the world, but we can bravely, consciously walk through our own curtains in our own hallways. Each time we do, we stir the balance between fear and freedom on our planet as a whole. With each clear, high note we sing, every waiting instrument will vibrate with us. And, deep within, the Earth’s veins will vibrate too.

As we awaken these new senses between dimensions, we will make sense of our lives as never before.

Fear has a purpose, but it is not to make us more afraid.

Fear is meant to give us a reference point from which we can defy it. And the more deeply we pull back the bow, the more fiercely the arrow flies to its mark.

If there is one action you take the next time you feel afraid, let it be to rip open your soul’s courage. Let life be your choice; let the walls melt away. These are the days for which you have been waiting, ever since you said “yes” to your sleepy body joining this extraordinary, communal dream.




Author: AdiKanda

Image: IMDB

Editor: Callie Rushton

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