March 16, 2017

Love: This Journey we Share.{Poem}

The first time I kissed your lips in front of other people  
I ran away
Before I could see the look on your face,
Afraid that if you liked it I’d never leave that spot in the schoolyard.

The first time I kissed your lips in public— but not exactly in front of other people
We were at the movies.
Gold rained down from that dark ceiling
And I was the only one with a duffel bag.

The first time we ran away together I was terrified
But you weren’t.
You said that everything would be okay,
Would always be okay,
And that I should learn to trust a little more.

The first time we said I do
Trust was the loudest thing in the room.
We were the only two people in city hall.

And now it’s been ten years since our
First anything.
We are the only two people
In this bed.
You’re sleeping and I’m writing
And this moment is what my vision board used to be made of.

This regular morning,
Damp air, warm blankets, your hugs.
I was never afraid of being a hopeless romantic.

The first time we made up
We cried in the living room
And held each other’s hearts with shaking fingertips,
Afraid that all of our firsts
Were for nothing.

When I tell women it’s possible to find
A mirror image of their heart
In another soul’s body,
They think I’m crazy.
They think I can’t possibly be a feminist
Because feminists don’t rely on a man,
Won’t find home in a man.

I tell them—
My loves,
This is what a love journey looks like.
We’ve both found home.




Author: Djinji Jimenez

Image: Imdb

Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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