March 25, 2017

This is Why we Must Embrace the Skeletons in our Closets. {Poem}


We are all fallible, because we are all human.
There isn’t a soul on this earth exempt from
hanging a skeleton of ignorance somewhere
in life’s hidden closet.

A big, brawny bag of bones dumped atop our
fragile heart spaces, in order to quiet those nagging,
screaming egos.

Sharp elbows and bony shoulders
forcing us to truly taste the soured-sweetness of humility,
and humbly drink it down.

Peace is found in our common flaws—our shared ability
to be so damn cruel, cheap, manipulative, scared, loud, and wrong.
What hurts you hurts me;
we are all connected through that which
we’ve decided separates us.

We are not perfect. We’ve all really messed up.
Sometime, somewhere we’ve caused pain to ourselves
by inflicting pain onto others—
and vice-versa.

It’s within the murky kaleidoscope of messiness that
we find proof of our connectedness, our mutli-colored similarities,
our twin tattooed scars of wisdom reminding us of our divinity,
in the wake of this endless slumber.

We must embrace our skeletons, transform them,
set them free.
For they are our greatest teachers
holding up a mirror to our souls and reflecting
all of humanity back at us,
revealing the brightest darkness we’ve ever seen.




Author: Erika Anne Soerensen

Image: Pixabay

Editor: Travis May

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