March 28, 2017

When Love leaves us with a Broken Heart—how our Moon Sign can help us Heal.

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bro·ken heart, noun

1. used in reference to a state of extreme grief or sorrow, typically caused by the ending of a romantic relationship or the death of a loved one.


“She lied. He cheated. She betrayed me. He left me…” 

No matter what the reason, when a relationship ends, there often seems to be little that can console us, at least in the short term. Some of us are devastated or disappointed. Some of us suffer the feelings of a broken heart. Each of us experiences the end of a romance in our own unique emotional way.

Yet, there is a hidden resource within us that can help heal even a deeply broken heart, if we are aware of it. It is our moon sign.

In our horoscope, the moon sign rules our emotions and deep-rooted feelings. It indicates our cultural conditioning, and our immediate emotional response to people, places, and things—even how we feel about a relationship that went awry.

Our moon sign reveals the attitudes that were instilled in us by our family and developed in our childhood, as well as the unique needs that give us emotional satisfaction and security. Our moon position determines how we react to the behavior and actions of others.

Let the Healing Begin.

Our moon sign gives us a window on ourselves—to reveal the underlying needs and behavior that may have impacted our relationship. It gives us a valuable opportunity for greater self-awareness and, with that, re-assurance that we did the best we could at the time. We were just being “who we are.” We are still loveable people who will one day love and be loved, again.

Our individual moon signs can give us insight into our unique natures and put us on the path to forgiving ourselves, and the other person.

{At the end of this article, use the free Transit Calculator to find out your Moon sign. Then, look it up in the list below to learn about your special emotional needs and discover insights to help you in your next relationship.}

Moon in Aries:

You have a fiery, independent nature that can be charming, as long as you’re getting what you want. You insist on doing what you want, whether it’s right or wrong. Because of this tendency, you resent anyone interfering with your actions, even a lover. You can be rather impatient and have an emotionally volatile nature, often behaving impulsively without carefully considering the consequences of your actions. You can have sudden flare-ups of temper, which begin and end quickly, and are soon forgotten (often with amazing make-up sex). Your exciting, warm, and loveable nature makes you a unique partner, worth any of your shortcomings. Because of your adaptive nature, your heart will heal fast.

Moon in Taurus:

Your emotional well-being is connected to your need for material security, which is why you often attract wealth to your life. You’re always conscious of looking out for your own interests. You tend to be conservative, steady, and dependable, with a great deal of common sense in both domestic and financial matters. A stable domestic life is essential to your emotional security. However, you have to be careful of your tendency to be stubborn, because this can make it difficult for you to make changes in your emotional behavior. Your sensuous nature means that you enjoy good food, great music, earthy sex, and all the material comforts of life. It also makes you extremely desirable. Your heart knows what it wants, and won’t settle for less.

Moon in Gemini:

You can be charming and quick-witted, as well as moody and irritable. You have a tendency to vacillate emotionally and be rather superficial, which could be either exciting or challenging for your partner. People with this moon position are often “chatter boxes.” You may be inclined to rationalize your emotions to the point where you don’t know how you truly feel. Because of your rational mind, you have a natural gift for thinking up practical solutions to domestic problems. On the other hand, your tendency to be nervous, restless, and constantly on the move can result in your becoming excited about doing 10 things at once, although you may not finish any of them. But, you can be so enchanting and delightful that anyone who likes variety will find you captivating. Your heart knows what it wants, often for brief periods of time, but can change what it wants quickly.

Moon in Cancer:

You require tenderness, understanding, and security. You have the capacity for real depth and an intensity of emotion that gives you an almost psychic sensitivity to the feelings of others, especially anyone you’re in a relationship with. Unfortunately, this can result in your being over-sensitive and hurt by (often imagined) slights. You are often focused on memories from your past, which can nurture you, or plague you. You are likely to have a strong domestic side that expresses itself by being a great cook, homemaker, or just really devoted to your family (especially your mother). Domestic security—having a home and a partner—is important for your emotional happiness. You are quite a catch for anyone who is tired of serial dating and wants to settle down. Your heart feels so deeply that it needs time to mend.

Moon in Leo:

You’re a warm and proud person who seeks to be loved, admired, and appreciated. With a flair for the dramatic, you like to entertain and be the center of attention. While dignified, you have a strong need for romance and affection. But there is a tendency for you to be self-centered and act like a diva (or king or queen, which of course you are). You can be quite stubborn and take criticism personally—even from your lover. You enjoy creating a beautiful home and like to oversee and control your domestic environment. Your need to love and be loved is an emotional drive that tends to give you an upbeat and sunny disposition. You are such a romantic that when your heart is broken you take it hard, and need time to disengage and let go.

Moon in Virgo:

You are kind and always helpful. But you are shy and retiring when it comes to expressing how you feel, especially in a close relationship. One of your saving graces is that you enjoy being of service to others. You are neat and clean in both your personal hygiene and domestic environment. You are health-minded and pay attention to your diet and eating habits. You are a perfectionist who can be overly critical of yourself and others. You spend a great deal of time worrying. You have to be careful of your tendency to be over concerned with details instead of paying attention to the big picture. You are intellectually curious on matters of a more practical nature and enjoy doing tasks around the house. You are steady, dependable, loyal, and you know how serve your partner. You have a devoted heart, but your practical side will allow you to move on from a relationship that can no longer work.

Moon in Libra:

You have a deep emotional need to be in a relationship in order to feel complete. However, your strong sensitivity to the attitudes and reactions of others causes you to be easily influenced by them. Crudeness of any kind, such as vulgar language, turns you off. Any conflict that causes disharmony in your relationship is quite upsetting and can adversely affect how you feel, physically. You are kind and courteous to others because your emotional well-being is contingent on the approval of the people you interact with. There is a warm, pleasing appeal in your countenance and manner. Domestically, you favor places of beauty where you can socialize and entertain your friends. You are charismatic and have such class, charm, and beauty that you won’t be alone for long. Your heart will re-awaken to love as you socialize with others.

Moon in Scorpio:

You seek out intimate relationships where you can experience emotional intensity. Consciously or unconsciously, you put those you love through many tests to prove their worthiness of you. Unconsciously, you feel a need for your partner to give up something that proves their love for you. Once they do, you are loyal and protective in every way. However, your serious commitment to a relationship can lead to your becoming possessive, controlling, or even jealous. If you are personally affronted or betrayed, you have a tendency to hold grudges (or even seek revenge). On the upside, you have the ability to be a transforming force in your intimate relationships, which makes you someone unique and in high demand. Because of your obsessive nature, once you love another, your heart does not let go easily.

Moon in Sagittarius:

You are optimistic and have an idealistic nature. Something inside you is drawn to travel, long journeys, and even living in a foreign country (or having a relationship with someone from another culture). But, you need a great deal of personal freedom to explore, and don’t like getting stuck in any routine too long. Heavy responsibilities in a relationship can feel restricting for you, causing you to want to escape. You enjoy philosophizing, discussing social values, the spiritual realm, and even religion. You are someone of intellectual depth, regardless of whether you finished high school or graduated Harvard. Anyone who loves fun and adventure will love your energy and the joy you are able to bring to their life. Because of your independent nature, you are able to move on from a failed relationship in search of the next one.

Moon in Capricorn:

You have a responsible and dignified air about you. You are conservative and respect tradition. But you have an emotionally reserved and cautious nature that can come off as being cold. Behind closed doors, when you’re feeling more secure, you’re more likely to let go and let the real you come out. You are serious and opportunistic, strongly identifying with material rather than spiritual values. One of your best qualities is that you’re ambitious and will work hard to achieve status, position, and financial security. However, because you are driven toward seeking money and power, you may selfishly pursue your own interests. Fortunately, operating with honesty and integrity is important to you. Those looking for a serious relationship will value your great character, sense of loyalty, and the security you provide them. Once your heart lets go of love, though, it’s “out of sight, out of mind.”

Moon in Aquarius:

You come off as detached, independent, and a bit of a loner. However, you are intuitive and have a wonderful capacity to empathize with the needs of others. Because friendship is one of your basic needs, you are friendly to all on a surface level, even in your love relationship. Your home is an ideal place for group activities with your many friends. One of your biggest needs in a domestic relationship is the freedom to come and go without being restricted. You have a fear that emotional involvements will pose a threat to your personal liberty. But when your fears are assuaged, you are loving, fair, trustworthy, and loyal. You have a unique style and personality that can attract romance unexpectedly. You can get over heartbreak quickly if you recognize it was for the best.

Moon in Pisces:

You seem to have a psychic sense for how things feel, even if you’ve never actually experienced them. Because of your compassionate nature, you are kind and sympathetic to the feelings of others, especially your lover. Your super-sensitivity acts like a psychic sponge, soaking up the thoughts and feelings of those close to you. You can be shy and your feelings can easily be hurt, even when no slight was intended. You’re psychically vulnerable when you’re intimately involved with someone. The intensity of feelings you experience may be so great that you feel a need to withdraw into seclusion to protect yourself emotionally. You’re drawn to fantasy, especially where it concerns the romantic and ideal. This is why you are so bewitching and attractive to anyone looking for love. When your heart is broken, you feel disappointment and disillusion, requiring solitude and retreat to renew you.


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