April 9, 2017

5 Questions that Open our Hearts to the Joy of Co-Creation.


“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” ~ Einstein


The one thing that yoga undoubtedly provides is silence for our minds.

Our fast-paced, competitive society and sharp focus on progress commonly confuses us and does not allow us to find space for introspection. Hence we are constantly encouraged to compete against each other.

During my yoga practice, I often reflect upon these questions:

>> How can we be clear about what we want out of life if there is no time for silence, for introspection?
>> How can we be happy if we are not even clear about what true happiness is?
>> How can we be successful without even considering what job is good for us, for our society, and for our planet?
>> How can we accumulate the most without even understanding what we really need?
>> How can we seek freedom if we are not aware of the responsibilities that come along with that freedom? (Being truly free comes with even more responsibilities than being subordinated to someone. When we are free, we have to set up our own discipline, projects, goals, and balanced rhythms to make things happen. Having the guts to make decisions, take risks, and decide where we put our energy and love to make change is not easy.)

As I keep practicing yoga, my goal is to quiet the I-am-ness and focus on a deep mental silence that allows me to dig into my heart and connect to a profound inner voice—a wise voice that is always encouraging love, compassion, collaboration, and balance.

My work for the past few years has been centered on teaching yoga and creating spaces where creative collaboration, rather than competition, takes place. Through my personal practice, I continue to discover the power of mental silence and clarity, and how it helps me understand my mission in life.

Co-creation happens when people with different interests, ideas, talents, and rhythms gather together and create, like an innovative collision. This is only possible if each person has gone through profound silence and introspection, and is clear on one’s dharma. Like many Sanskrit words, dharma’s meaning varies according to the tradition and who is defining it. From my studies, I see “living one’s dharma” as being integral and in the flow with our inner nature and destiny—completing what one is meant to be doing in one’s lifetime.

I hear many saying that one should not co-create with one’s partner or friends. But honestly, this has been my path, and every day, I attempt to do it better and inspire others to follow along. Time is so precious and limited, and sharing projects with others in a balanced way can bring even more inspiration, respect, and understanding. The biggest challenge is setting strong bases of trust that allow everyone to be in line with their mission in life, their dharma. 

Reflecting upon Einstein’s quote, I note the importance of collaboration, of sharing one’s creative process with others, as well as filtering the contagious energies that surround us. As we deepen our yoga practice and take care of ourselves, we start understanding the impact that others have on our journey, as well as our impacts on others. We begin to identify those who bring us tranquility or agitation, those who inspire us to dream big or who bring about insecurity within. And those with whom we can co-create and get the best out of our creative collisions.

The yoga practice is indeed an honest filter mirror that allows us to disconnect from false, ego-centered views of our reality, find silence, and be connected to our deepest inner voice. Today, we all have the tools to be creative—we only need silent environments, special spaces to come together, collaborate, and co-create. The more we co-create, the more chances we have to spark a genius idea.

Happiness is meant to be shared with others. Let’s keep practicing, keep opening our hearts, and allow inspired co-creation to take control of our dreams—it is just more fun that way.


Author: The Global Yogini

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Editor: Nicole Cameron

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