April 8, 2017

Are you Moon Sensitive?

Whether Astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Here we are at another full moon!

I wanted to write this blog on a topic that affects me greatly. It is known in spiritual circles as “Moon Sensitivity.”

This month’s moon reaches its peak of illumination and clarity in the sign of Libra on April 11th. I am not an astrologer, so I will focus on the intuitive guidance and healing I feel the moon phases have to offer. (For astrological insights check out this site).

Each moon cycle is in a different sign of the zodiac and has a unique lesson available to us. For example, as it relates to this full moon, Libra is the sign of the friend. Librans are very, very social beings; they seem to get along with everyone, and they want all people to live in harmony with one another.

Libra is an air element sign, so you may feel a bit flighty and like you are “floating on air” during this full moon. This is the perfect moon to focus on our relationships. Particularly the patterns that we may have been functioning with for a long time. A change is coming. This full moon will give us an opportunity to shed these limiting patterns and maybe even let go of some of the friendships and partnerships we have outgrown.

Most people love Librans, as they are sweet, and kind, and truly want everyone to get along. The shadow side for them is that they find it difficult to put their own needs first—and sometimes they are living in the clouds of their own dreams and desires so much that they may forget to root it down into material form.

Being creative, heart-opened, and committed to love being shared equally between all beings is the gift Libra brings. The scales are ready to be balanced in our lives. How can we live in harmony with others without forsaking our own priorities? This is a good question to ask during this full moon.

The full moon is a time of letting go.

You can perform a small ritual by writing down all of the things, behaviours, people, and life decisions you are willing and ready to let go of, and either burn it or flush it away to ceremonially release it to the earth. This is a very transformative practice. 

Moon sensitivity can show up in a number of ways. Many of my friends and I have sleep pattern disruptions and food sensitivities close to the full moon. This is common, and you could feel mild emotional disturbances or mood swings and irritations too.

We can’t ever put blame on anything outside of us for how we feel or behave, but understanding our sensitivities with compassion can help us to function better and take necessary steps to support us when we are aware of what is going on.

We can go a little easier on ourselves knowing that many people feel sensitive to nature and astral alignments in the cosmos. In my experience, we feel less lonely and better able to cope if we know there is a reason for the way we feel that isn’t “all on us.” After all, the moon controls the cycles of the tides of the waters of our world, and our bodies consist of a large amount of water. It makes sense that we would be affected by this, if you believe in the connection of all things as I do!

Remember that your sensitivity is a gift, and you need not be disturbed by the effects of the moon on your emotions. There are things you can do to support yourself as you begin to feel these effects. To aid sleep and calm emotional sensitivity during this time, you can listen deeply and sweetly to what your body needs. I like to listen to classical music, meditate using some calming breathing techniques, and diffuse lavender essential oil in my room. I also keep reassuring myself that I am doing a great job and affirming that all Is well.

I hope you can get as much benefit working with moon energy as I have, and enjoy the potent and powerful time of this full moon!




Author: Jennifer Cain

Image: Flickr/Eric

Editor: Travis May

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