April 25, 2017

In the Space of a Heartbeat. {Poem}

I want to feel you,

your arms wrapped around my waist,

as you pull me into your chest.


You know my ability to push you away,

to say no,

to let you go


as soon as my eyes

meet your gaze.


I melt,

my body a puddle of liquid.

I am yours



I am home.

I am safe.

In the haven of your embrace,

the world evaporates.


Then you kiss me and

the light that has so often just flickered,



I push my body into you,

wanting to feel every cell

react to yours.


I pour myself over you,

through you,

silently begging you

for more…

more time,

more touch,

more of your heart.


You trace kisses down my neck and

I awaken from the inside out,

toes curling, craving.


Your hands move to caress.

It still surprises me

your restraint,

your quiet touch.

I plead for the weight of you to press against me,

commanding now with every breath.


Then you look into my eyes,

soft, sad sparkles staring back.


I still want you to speak.

I want to hear what you are not saying.

I reach up, place my hand on your heart,

listening with my fingers.

You cover mine with yours and

lift our hands entwined

to my heart.


Your eyes still focused on mine,

the look dives deep,

beyond my core,

beyond my light,

beyond my darkness,

beyond your core,

beyond your light,

beyond your darkness.

You see it all.

You are here with me and

you see all of me.

You are here.

I see all of you.

I am here with you and

I see all of you.

I am here with you.


There are no words needed.

We are home in the space of a heartbeat.




Author: Beth Horowitz
Image: János Csongor Kerekes at Flickr 
Apprentice Editor: Jacqueline Debets/Editor: Travis May

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