April 20, 2017

Let It Be Me.

“Just once I want to be hard to leave. I want someone staying up all night thinking of me.” ~ goodlifequotes.com 


Let it be me.

Maybe there’s a tendency to oversimplify the great matters of the heart, but perhaps it’s not all that complicated either—or at least it shouldn’t be.

All I ask, or rather whisper, under the soft enraptured darkness is: This time—let it be me.

Let me be the one to stand by your side.

Who we choose has a great deal to do with what type of life we want to have, or that we see ourselves having, but sometimes there are those choices that make us. Those that are spun delicately through moments that feel tied to something greater—almost as if we are fulfilling a fate that time wanted us to forget.

I’ll be the one that is always there, your constant, because we all need someone that we know won’t ever let us go. The kind of love that always seems to be two steps ahead of what it is we think we need, someone who just might know us better than we know ourselves.

Let me be the one to hold your darkness.

I’ve never been one for chasing light when it seems the darkness holds my secrets more securely. So I ask—let it be me that holds yours. Let it be me who shows you how much more beautiful you are for everything you’ve experienced.

Keeping your secrets close so that I might taste them upon my lips—yet never letting them escape. I’d like to take your hand and run it along all of your scars so that I might show you how much they make up who you are and the unique song that your soul sings.

Let me be the one who makes you believe in the impossible.

I’ve never had any use for easy or ordinary—perhaps that has been my problem all along. See, I’ve always longed for the extraordinary and for someone who could open my eyes to worlds I had never envisioned. I would do the same for him.

I’ve held a hope for the kind of love that I would fight for because, I know deep down, he would fight for me too. Nobody is perfect, and perhaps that is the greatest gift of any of this. But, I hope that you’ll take my hand and let me show you what life could be like when you believe in the impossibility of having all your dreams come true.

Let me be the one to love you in all of the ways you ever hoped to be.

Love is often a difficult and treacherous road. We want another to show their feelings toward us. Let it be me to show you that each one of your wishes was never off the mark. Let me be the one to love you exactly how you always wanted to be loved.

There will be moments of chaos and pain because that’s life—it’s a game that never seems to finish or make sense. So, I know that every day might not be wonderful, but if at the end of it all, it’s my hand in yours and my lips against the softness of your neck, then I know that we will both be the winners.

There isn’t anything that can top a love like that.

Let me be the one to help you build.

We are both beginning in this life, and perhaps we don’t really even know what it is we are building, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be the one helping you every step of the way. I have never sought a finished product because I think it’s the struggle that makes it all the more beautiful; it’s the effort of creating something from nothing that truly shocks the senses.

And so I want to build—with you.

I want to take the crazy spinnings of our imagination and the inspirations of our soul. I want to plant them into this amazing “what if we could be anything” kind of life. I want us to take our time, to fail, succeed, and to build something far beyond either of our expectations.

Let me be the one to show you why it never worked out with anyone else.

Lessons sometimes seem easier to come by than blessings, but regardless of what we’ve been through and where we’ve travelled all along you have been a compass pulling me due north even when I couldn’t see my way—or didn’t want to—you were still there.

You were in the shadows and behind the scenes all along—pulling my soul to yours. All I ask now is for you to let me show you why it never worked out before. Why it never quite clicked, or came with ease, or made you forget about the rest of the world—because all along they were merely lessons for you—people helping you find your way here, to me.

I suppose it would easy to say all this if I didn’t have the heart to back it up. But I do. I know what I am saying when I say it, and while it’s been you for some time, all I am asking now is—let it be me.

Let it quietly and seamlessly be me.

Reasons sometimes become excuses and even I can hear the spaces gathering strength in your words, and so I ask before this moment leaves us, before the world changes and everything is different, just let it be me this time.

Let us see if this is everything we’ve always wanted.

Let us see if this is love.


Author: Kate Rose
Image: Porshe Linn/Flickr
Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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