April 10, 2017

Ode to the Mavericks.

Here’s to the mavericks—the ones who buck the system and have the unmitigated gall to be and do exactly what they want.

Here’s to the rebels—the ones who have the courage to raise up arms against a system designed to break them and who do it with a red-lipped, unapologetic smile.

Here’s to the revolutionaries—the ones who take up the battle cry of the badass women of yore and who continue to bravely pave the way for the rest to follow.

Here’s to the non-conformists—the ones who stopped giving a f*ck about anything that doesn’t set their soul on fire.

Here’s to the women who blaze trails and who burn the bridges that keep them trapped.

Here’s to the women who never look back, and harbour no regret.

Here’s to the bold souls who dare to carve their name in the tree of life.

Here’s to the women who call upon the ancestors and bring their own special brand of magic to the world.

Here’s to the women who would rather live in a tent than a gilded cage.

Here’s to the women who drink from the cup of love and wipe their lips on their sleeve—those who manage to be both intoxicated and clear-headed.

Here’s to the women who are too busy being magical to worry about whether their house is clean, hair perfect, or whatever the hell the Jones’s might be doing.

Here’s to the women whose fierceness is matched only by their love—for themselves, their tribe, the planet, and humanity.

Here’s to the women who speak truth to power and will never apologize for being too big, too loud, too bold, and will tell you to shove your assessment of her “too muchness” where the sun doesn’t shine.

Here’s to the women who shatter glass ceilings, both within and without.

Here’s to those who are smart enough to recognize when their time is up and bow out gracefully.

Here’s to the audacious dames who know that when there’s no room at the table for you, it’s time to build your own.

Here’s to you, brazen sister.

In the days of old, they would have burned us at the stake and, like those women who were the cast-outs of their day, we know we are far too big to be held in tiny boxes. We would rather burn than break.

Here’s to you on your journey to being the biggest, boldest, most undaunted version of yourself.

As you walk those paths of self-mastery and creation, hear the echo of your sisterhood in your steps, knowing that although we may be separate, we are not alone.

Make your mark.

Slash your purpose across the fabric of time, leaving a legacy for the next generation of wild warrior women to come.

May your passion and fury burn in the halls of eternity.


Author: Lisa Vallejos

Image: Emily Sams/Instagram 

Editor: Lieselle Davidson


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