April 11, 2017

She is the One you Want on your Side.

She is the one you want on your side.

Unconditionally loving, she stands fully in her power.

They tell her she’s “too much”—too tough, too independent, too loud, too brash, too masculine, too smart, too ambitious, too adventurous.

They ask her, “Why can’t you just settle?”

She is the one who will have your back through it all—not just in words, but in actions. She will tell it to you like it is, and you can count on her for the truth. She doesn’t give a f*ck about hurting your feelings either. And it’s not because she doesn’t care, but because, quite the opposite, she cares so much.

She sees in you what you can’t see in yourself, so she pushes you to grow. She challenges you to the core, making you question the very foundation you have built your life upon.

She holds up a mirror, and stands tall and strong in the face of your resistance. She feels every bit of your pain through this struggle, but she holds back and doesn’t try to fix it for you—she knows that in doing so, she would be depriving you of your own valuable lessons.

She lifts you up, but doesn’t carry you. She teaches you how to use your own wings to fly because she wants you to succeed, to spread your wings, and to blossom into the beautiful soul you are meant to be. She sparks a fire of inspiration in you.

She fears no one because she sees through the illusion of separation, which seeks to divide us. She knows that in supporting others, she is supporting herself, and that in lifting others up, she too will rise.

She stands firm in her purpose and her path, knowing that all is as it is meant to be. She walks through the darkness, the struggles, the laughter, and the judgments.

She doesn’t care what society tells her to be. She has learned from experience that this is futile, a never-ending spiral of constant dissatisfaction. She stays true to her heart and could give a damn about what they tell her life should look like.

She doesn’t hold anyone back because she knows there is enough for everyone. Jealousy doesn’t exist for her. Insecurity is a distant memory. No one can threaten her because she knows her own divinity.

She is as wild as she is tame. She is hard as nails, yet soft and nurturing. She stands in peace, but can defend herself if needed. Don’t let her peaceful gaze, loving heart, and open smile fool you.

She is a lover and a fighter.

She doesn’t need a home with a white picket fence; she prefers a tent in the woods and the open road in front of her. Give her the wide open sky over the bustling city streets. She wants to feel the dirt between her un-manicured fingers and toes as she runs naked through the woods.

Not only does she push those around her to be better, to grow, to step into their full potential, but she pushes herself beyond where her socially-programmed mind is comfortable going. She has stood in the face of criticism for years as they told her to conform, calm down, smile, be more agreeable, settle, get married, have kids, get a real job, stop resisting, be less angry, and don’t argue.

She’s done. She’s tired. She’s officially stepping into her full power as a woman.

And this alpha female will shut you down quicker than you can say, “Hey baby.”

She is a goddess and she is rising.

Believe me, you want her on your side.


Author: Lindsay Carricarte

Image: Suhyeon Choi/Unsplash

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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