April 15, 2017

Some say I’m the Quiet Type. {Poem}

Some say I’m the quiet type
usually not the life of the party

I’d much rather stay home and
sip on a bottle of pineapple Bacardi

Reflect on life
and all of its meaning

Cook, listen to music
and spend all night dreaming

of what the future looks like
contemplate the afterlife

Don’t need to live rife
or excessively abundant

Don’t mean to sound redundant

Don’t need many friends
not quite sure how to trust

Hard to let down my guard
hard to adjust

my mind to the fact that
people don’t always act

with your best interest in mind
Will have you resigned

thinking they’ve left you behind
might have turned a blind eye

to all that you’ve given
over time

I won’t go into that deeper
probably because

I’m a peacekeeper
doesn’t mean I’m fragile

especially not a pushover

Doesn’t mean I’m a doormat
or someone you can get over

or disrespect in any way
shape or form

I’m out of the norm
don’t usually conform

to the thoughts and ideas
you might have of me


a girl like me
always knows

but doesn’t always show
or really disclose

how she feels

I’m like the calm before the storm
I like to keep the peace

but don’t think
you can get by with a wink

and a smile
Because after a while

I’ll put you on trial
and question your lifestyle

So even though
I’m the quiet type

I’m an original
not a prototype

Won’t stick to stereotypes
won’t fall for the hype

I’m just me
and I’ll continue to be

on this quiet path of happiness
where my spirit is completely free…



Author: Carrie King

Photo: Flickr/Hillary Boles

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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