April 17, 2017

The Medicine is Right Here. {Poem}

The power,

The medicine, the fuel,
The force,
Is only here.

Now. In this moment.

Here and now is where
We plug in
And connect.

Most of us live
In fear—mental churning
Over the future,
Or longing and reminiscing
About the past.

Come back,
Let it go—it happened,
It’s done.
You can’t change it.

Come back,
It hasn’t happened yet.
Life will unfold
Beyond your

Sit here with me,
In this moment;
Feel the wind on your face,
Plant your hands
On the sweet quivering earth,
Hear the birds
And creatures rustling
In the forest.

Watch the clouds passing
Feel the sun’s warmth
As the clouds pass by and
Allow her warm gaze to
Touch your skin.

Stop for a moment,
Drink this in;
It’s magic and it’s
Part of who
You are.
Gaze up at the stars with me,
Hear the crickets
And the frogs,
Feel the cool night air
Kiss our cheeks.

We are stardust.

Plug in here,
In this moment,
Every day as much as possible.
I know,
You have to
Visit the past at times
To learn the lesson,
To grieve or process,
But be sure
To also let it take
It’s rightful place.

And yes,
You need to plan and
Envision for the future,
But do not linger there;
For right here
And now is where
your life Is.

Right here,
Amidst the chaos,
The debt, the questions,
The disconnection from
Loved ones,
The changing of friendships.

Here amidst the barrage
Of media and politics;
Here in the midst of
The song of the bird,
The deep healing presence
Of the earth—
Make nature the center
Of your picture frame.
The rest is just noise.

There is tremendous
Medicine here.
The power
Of your attention
And presence here
In this moment with what is—
Holds power;
Here now is the only
Place from which you can usher in
Your best life,
Your soulmate,
Your abundance—
Your truth.

Come back
Out of your head,
Release your grip
On all the worries and fears,
Settle yourself
Into the palm of the moment.

Keep riding this wave,
Keep coming back to it,
And you will see change sweep
Through your life.

When it does—
Lucky you,
You’ll be there
To experience
And celebrate it.


Author: Jennifer Rose

Image: Hieu Le/Unsplash

Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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