April 20, 2017

The One Intention that can Set us Free.


Even though we don’t like to acknowledge this fact, we don’t really fully understand what troubles us the most.

Each of us, in our own magical and unique ways, have had journeys that we will never fully be able to recount.

But in our hearts, we know that these difficult journeys we have faced up to our present moment are affecting us. This is impossible to miss.

It can be so confusing to know we are having a problem—whether an emotional challenge or even physical pain—and really not know where it is coming from, but also know we are ripe and ready for change.

Many of us have gone to medical doctors, alternative healers, counselors, and friends searching for answers for what is ailing us and really feel like we haven’t arrived at finding a cure for the root of our problems.

This is why it can be effective to work with a general intention when looking for healing for those nagging issues that seem to have an unknown cause.

By setting a large, overreaching, broad intention that we want any stuck trauma and old personal issues that aren’t in our best interest to clear out of our bodies, energy fields, and chakras, we start working with the power of our minds and hearts to bring healing to where we are stuck.

Yes, we can be skeptical that simply setting an intention could bring any successful healing to our lives, but by not setting an intention for healing and instead just worrying about the same problems over and over again, we are actually already setting an intention—to stay stuck in the old problems and pain.

Like it or not, we are always setting intentions. Everything we do with our minds and hearts is intention setting—so why not harness this manifestation power to clear karma that isn’t serving us (or the planet)?

The general, but effective intention I suggest to use is one that can also help clear energies that don’t even belong to us.

This can sound pretty woo-woo—the idea the we have energies on us that aren’t suppose to be there. However, it appears through the amount of people presently identifying as empaths (people who feel when they are with certain people or in certain environments they just don’t feel like themselves due to “absorbing” energy that isn’t their own) that we as a society are starting to become aware that we can sense when we are around energy that doesn’t feel right for our systems.

If we are having the feeling that we just aren’t ourselves or can’t access how we authentically feel, there is a good chance that we are being a host to universal energies that are other than our own organic energy.

This can be hard to grasp with the mind, which is the whole point.

Through meditation and intention setting, we have this amazing opportunity to offer ourselves experiences beyond the mind.

In many ways, it is our mind itself that has brought us much of our suffering; this is definitely what the Buddha taught. 

By setting a broad intention, such as the one I am about to tell you about below, we give the gift of healing ourselves beyond just what the mind can intellectually understand.

Since it would be cumbersome to list every possible trauma, limiting belief system, old pain, or energy that doesn’t belong to us when setting this powerful intention, I have shortened the words to something simple and concise.

The one intention that will set you free is:

“Any energies that are not serving me are clearing from my system.”

Yes, this intention is very broad and general, but that is its strength.

This intention allows us to relax, which is the best way to be when we are working with intentions.

By setting our commitment to no longer intending to carry energies in our system that are not in our highest good and interest, we are coming into absolute alignment with self-love. We are stating to ourselves and the universe that we are going to live a life aligned with who we really are, who we are really meant to be, and to live with only energies that inspire us, challenge us, and make us feel good.

This powerful intention tells the universe that any energy that is not helping us grow and come into an alignment with love needs to clear out of our systems.

What strengthens this intention—“Any energies that are not serving me are clearing from my system”—is to use visualization practices.

My favorite visualization technique is to focus on the congested energy clearing by imagining smoke or darkness moving out of my system all the way out my window, and then transmuting back into neutral energy. In this way, I just see energy as a big composting system wiith all energy, positive or negative, being able to become neutral so it can be used again.

Some other visualizations people like to use with this intention are a vacuum sucking out the no longer needed energies, a bright sun melting out the no longer needed energies, or the tape from old cassettes being pulled out of your system (that one is good for old belief systems that are clearing).

I have found the best way to use this intention for ultimate strength and wellness is to either have a salt bath or lie down still and quiet, and state the intention in my mind, “Any energies that are not serving me are clearing from my system,” with a confident heart, and then imagine all the energetic congestion I no longer need being drawn out of me.

To make this technique even more effective, it can be excellent to do a body scan and make sure that all energies that don’t serve us are coming out of all parts of the body.

Also, scanning the energy field and chakras and stating this intention is tremendously beneficial.

If you have been doing a lot of self-awareness work like, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, or meditation, then this intention of clearing all energies that don’t serve us is essential.

Because the old trauma coming out of the subconscious into the conscious mind due to accessing the healing arts means that the old energies that are not beneficial to us anymore are now accessible in our energy fields. But that doesn’t mean they have cleared all the way out of your systems; this intention will provide that final step.

The important thing is not to judge or analyze the energies that are leaving. We want to detach from the energies that are no longer serving us, and asking a lot of questions about what they are and how they came to be part of us just leaves us clinging to them more.

If we know we feel stuck, congested, and bogged down by our past and energies coming to us from our environment, then the kindest thing we can do for ourselves is to firmly ask these energies to leave.

It is normal to feel resistance to doing this intention-setting energy clearing.

These energies think they need somewhere to live, and they think you are the perfect host.

But it isn’t true.

We are all meant to feel 100 percent like ourselves, and when we have energy on us that isn’t serving our highest interest, it is very difficult to feel this way.

That is why the most loving thing we can do is to set the intention for any energies that aren’t serving us to clear, and then put a little loving effort in making sure this intention becomes our truth.

This method of intention setting for clearing energy is easy, efficient, and anyone can do it.

This is the beauty of becoming empowered on our own human healing journey. We realize that through intention alone we can change our lives—and is there anything more powerful and exciting than that?




Author: Ruth Lera

Image: Wikipedia

Editor: Travis May

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