May 1, 2017

The One you Want by your Side—The Divine Masculine Warrior.


He is the one you want on your side—the Divine Masculine counterpart to your Goddess rising.

Unconditionally loving, he stands fully in his power and his strength. He doesn’t seek power, but when given it, he does not wield it carelessly, but with reverence.

Yet they tell him he’s “too sensitive,” too soft, too emotional, too kind, too respectful, too feminine, not ambitious enough, too ready to settle down.

They ask him, “Why don’t you explore your options and play the field?”

He is the one who will have your back through it all to love you unconditionally—not just in words, but in actions. He will tell it to you like it is, and you can count on him for the truth. He will bare his soul and his emotions to you, standing raw in all his vulnerable glory. He will sacrifice it all for you. And it’s not because he is weak or a doormat, but because he cares so deeply for your well-being.

He sees in you what you can’t see in yourself, so he pushes you to grow. He challenges you to the core, making you question the very foundation you have built your life upon. He pulls you far out of your comfort zone as he intently gazes upon you with raw and open emotion.

He holds up a mirror back to you, and stands tall and strong in the face of your resistance. He feels every bit of your pain through this struggle, but he holds back and doesn’t try to fix it for you. He knows that in doing so, he would be depriving you of your own valuable lessons. But he is the first to put out his arms to raise you up after asking if you would like his assistance, rather than assuming you need it.

He knows you have your own power and strength and he respects that rather than fearing it, or trying to subdue it. He stands so firmly in his own divinity that he sees you as his equal, and treats you as such, without undermining his own unique gifts.

He knows you need each other, that without one the other cannot exist.

He lifts you up, but doesn’t carry you. He knows you are capable on your ownbut he still can’t wait to wrap you in his protective embrace. He encourages you to use your own wings to fly because he wants you to succeed, to spread your wings, and to blossom into the beautiful soul you are meant to be. This does not frighten him because he knows he sparks a fire of inspiration in you by standing in his own Divine Masculine power.

He stands firm in his purpose and his path, knowing that all is as it is meant to be. He walks through the darkness, the struggles, the laughter, and the judgments. He braves the fires to become a better version of himself. When his ego does make an appearancehe can chuckle and lovingly own it because he knows it’s a natural part of his existence.

He doesn’t care what society tells him to be. He has learned from experience that this is futile, a never-ending spiral of constant dissatisfaction. He stays true to his heart and could not give a damn about what they tell him life should look like.

He doesn’t hold anyone back because he knows there is enough for everyone. He has stood face to face with his jealousy, and his insecurity is a distant memory. No one can threaten him because he knows his own divinity. He accepts help from you because he knows that alone he is never as strong as you are together.

He is as wild as he is tame. He is hard as steel, yet soft and nurturing. He stands in peace, but can fight to defend if needed. Don’t let his peaceful gaze, loving heart, and open smile fool you.

He is a fighter, a warrior through and through. But first—he is a lover.

He doesn’t need a big house or a bunch or cars, he prefers a tent in the woods and the open road in front of him, and his arms around you.

Not only does he push those around him to be better, to grow, to step into their full potential, but he regularly pushes himself beyond where his socially-programmed mind is comfortable going.

He has stood in the face of criticism for years as they told him to man up, conform, be strong, don’t cry, win, take what you want, sleep around, be tough, stop being so soft, get a real job, be more aggressive, fight more, and don’t lose.

He’s done.

He’s tired of the bad rap men have been giving menand he’s ready to bring a new breed of masculinity to us. He’s officially stepping into his full power as a Divine Masculine warrior.

And this alpha male will shut the unbalanced and lost little boys masquerading as men down quicker than they can say, “Hey baby.”

He is the Sacred Masculine counterpart to the Divine Feminine Goddess and he is rising.

Believe me, you want him by your side.


Author: Lindsay Carricarte
Image: Wikimedia
Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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Read 28 comments and reply

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