April 11, 2017

This SNL Skit Hilariously Slams all of us “Slactivists.”

Last weekend’s Saturday Night Live featured the hilarious and painfully true skit, “Thank You, Scott.”

The skit’s group of culturally diverse singers playfully poke fun at armchair activists who re-post articles on Facebook without taking any other actions to promote change.

Louis C.K. is perfect as everyman “Scott,” seen solemnly shaking his head as he watches upsetting news stories.

“He couldn’t sit by and do nothing—he had to act before it was too late,” sings SNL cast member, Kenan Thompson.

“He shared an article on Facebook. And then everything changed! Thank you, Scott.”

The skit goes on to herald “slactivist” Scott for ending racism by changing his Twitter bio to say “Black Lives Matter,” and for adding clapping emojis to Facebook articles promoting the Women’s March, biofuel, and finally, the arrival of his sister’s new baby.

The video hits a crescendo with, “You’re the hero that we waited for. We won’t ever forget. That you fight for our rights from your phone while you’re on the toilet. You read things on the internet. Then you post them on the internet.”

For many viewers, it’s hard not to see at least a grain of truth, as we recognize ourselves in C.K.’s “Scott.” Several Twitter users admitted seeing themselves in the skit:


To stop “Scotting-out” and use social media mindfully, check out Waylon’s new video on using Facebook to be of benefit.



Author: Lynn Shattuck

Image: screenshot

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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