May 28, 2017

Seven Times that old Trump criticized this-month Trump, with Sources.

All tweets with assist via Trump Criticizes Trump.

It’s…7 times private citizen Donald Trump criticized what President Trump is now doing!

 Update, it keeps happening.

The White House just came out and said “Ignore his tweets, they are social media and not the official position of the President”.

“It’s like he is cursed to live out all his tweets. And I love it.”

“There’s probably some sort of catchy phrase about stones and glass houses but I can’t remember the wording.”

Context: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-exhausted-skipped-saudi-arabia-forum-social-media-sends-ivanka-trump-israel-a7748546.html

“Trump dropped out of planned speech in Saudi Arabia due to ‘exhaustion'”

Bonus: Trump, alone among world leaders in G7, refused to walk down a street, waiting instead for a golf cart. Sad!

No context necessary, I hope.

An anonymous donor has promised to give $5 million to a veterans charity of Donald Trump’s choosing if the presumptive Republican presidential nominee releases his tax returns

“If there is a Trump scandal, there is an ironic Trump Tweet for it.”

“Technically, the leak isn’t from the cabinet, it’s from him. That’s worse.”

“Remember during the campaign when Trump supporters said we couldn’t vote for Hillary because she’d sell weapons to Saudi Arabia?
Now Trump sells the most weapons ever to a foreign country, and it’s to Saudi Arabia.
(And Jared Kushner tried to lower the price, meaning American companies get paid less and the Saudi Royal Family gets more…)”

“It’s like someone went back in time, took over Trump’s body, and just decided to tweet every eff up he would do after he started running for president…”

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