May 22, 2017

Your Higher Self is Calling—Pick up.


The mission is yours if you choose to accept it.

I think we all have received what I call “divine downloads.” Most of the time, these divine messages not only take us by surprise, but are so radical in nature that we quickly dismiss them.

These messages are the stuff that dreams are made of. Divine downloads are our higher self calling out to guide us toward our fullest potential.

I used to receive these downloads only during specific times—while I was teaching yoga, meditating, or in my sleep. Now, they happen more and more often, wherever and whenever I am quiet and fully present. Why?

I believe it’s yoga.

Yoga opens us up, removes the obstacles in our minds and bodies, prepares us for our dharma (purpose) and highest potential in this lifetime. When I say yoga, I don’t mean just the asana practice. Yoga is a science that, when practiced as a whole system, treats the body in a holistic manner.

We become more receptive, intuitive, and here’s the biggie—more empowered!

We all have different activities that draw us closer to God, that bring us into that space of receptivity, whether it’s yoga, surfing, running, swimming, dancing, cooking, playing with our children, or pets. It’s important to take that time every day to empty out, plug in, and be receptive to the messages we receive.

Many are called, but few respond.

The first step in receiving divine downloads is acknowledging that we are all connected to a higher power that is guiding us and communicating with us constantly. It’s true that we might be too busy, stressed, tired, toxic, or emotionally blocked to hear them, but they are available to each of us.

Many of us ignore these messages. Perhaps that’s why so many people are unfulfilled, uninspired, frustrated, and depressed with the state of their personal and/or professional lives. When we cut ourselves off from our source, we can feel trapped or hopeless.

We are not taught in school to trust our higher power or intuition, and to empty out. On the contrary, it’s all about filling up. Filling up our brains, schedules, bank accounts, social media pages! More is better—right?

It takes courage to step off the beaten path, and carve out our own. Sometimes it involves letting go of everything we thought we knew or have been told by others. It may involve letting go of goals we’ve spent most of our lives building and working toward.

Many of us have spent our formative years being programmed to follow certain societal, academic, financial, and relationship goals that promise to provide us with a comfortable amount of security in our lives. Society spoon feeds us a “formula for success” that, when veered away from, is viewed as foolish, lofty, or radical.

Turning away from the conventional and learning to walk in faith and trust in a higher power can be scary, and can also affect our most important relationships, especially if we are being guided down a new path that we, and those close to us, don’t feel prepared to venture down.

I can thank my parents for my enduring belief and connection to a higher power. I was raised in a Christian household where everything began and ended in prayer. I can’t remember not knowing the Lord’s Prayer, and can still hear my mom’s voice say “Thank you Jesus” for absolutely everything good that happened during the day.

I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t feel connected to God or spiritual source. As a child I would have conversations with God, which usually involved me doing most of the talking. I sought out divine guidance for everything from an early age and my parents just expected the crazy twists and turns in my life choices, though they didn’t always support me, in my crazy twists and turns of life choices. They knew that I was dancing to the beat of a different drummer.

Fortunately, these days, through yoga and meditation, I have strengthened my listening skills. Conversations now are all about the emptying out and the letting go of agenda, personal will, and just listening.

Message received—now what?

Being quiet, emptying out, and plugging in is great. But, the ultimate task, and perhaps most important, is to follow the guidance and take action. This way of living by “divine guidance” is an ongoing practice much like any exercise, that when practised develops our spiritual muscles. The mind becomes clearer and being in divine flow becomes second nature.

The first step after receiving your mission is to create a vision. Create a clear picture of yourself accomplishing your mission.

The next step is faith. Trust and believe that it will happen.

And then, finally, action! You take a step of faith and live out what has been divinely downloaded into your heart no matter what your circumstances or people around you have to say.

First you dream it, then you believe it, and then you live it.

Every divine download I’ve ever received has followed this same flow.

We see examples of this connection and process all around us in books, movies, and real life—teachers, coworkers, and family members. Many great men and women walked through this download process.

They had to overcome self-doubts, struggles, even ridicule and judgement from others, but they held fast to a deep-seated knowing and a promise that we all have a divine purpose and dharma.

Whenever I have a hard time believing that I am prepared for my divine mission, I remind myself that it’s ultimately not about me. It is divinely ordained and supported.

Trust the process and embrace the lessons while on the journey. Relinquish the need to know the final destination. Don’t empower your self-doubt, or the doubt of others, with your words or thoughts.

Instead, think, talk, walk, and act as if you have already received and achieved! Keep the vision in the forefront of your mind and let go of any self-induced timeline. Trust that it is for an appointed time, a perfect time, and all is in divine order.

Be receptive to divine downloads and accept your mission.

Allow yourself to dream. Believe it with your whole being—and you will achieve it!

Lastly, give thanks and feel gratitude.



Author: Tymi Howard
Images: Author’s Own/KatMary/Flickr
Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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