May 4, 2017

Disconnect. {Poem}

Humans disconnecting from technology

Communicates connection to the things they have neglected
After having their brains dissected by CEOs trying to direct
Their senses to mindless things that have drowned them senseless;
But after lowering our defenses
To the natural world we inherited from our ancestors,
Only then can we rip this parasite out before it festers
Into something so devious that
We wished we had never signed up for internet speeds
Like these.

They’re ridiculous. How feasible they seem.
But we don’t take into account the effects this demon
Can have on us, so we keep leeching on
What these companies feed on.

If we just had a shoulder to cry on,
Or a person to lean on,
Only then would we stop relying
On the social media we worship,
And focus more on things like a river, lake, or pond
While holding back the urge to photograph the dawn
And post it to Instagram for everyone and their mother
To like, love, and share to someone else so they can belong
To something supposedly greater than themselves.

But maybe I am wrong.

Maybe this is the wrong song
For me to be singing and this “post” is actually a con
To get you to follow my Twitter, Youtube, or blog.
In that case, welcome to my house. Ring the doorbell. Ding-dong.
I’m no different than the internet spoon-feeding you cow tongue,
Insisting that it’s organic teriyaki chicken marinated in oolong.

It’s time to disconnect with things that are technological
And start connecting with things that are biological.
For the last breath we breathe will be so nostalgic
It will give us a final sense of logic
That points to a cup so full of answers
We will barely have time to sip it
As we exhale our spirit
Into an afterlife that was created
Specifically for people that failed to experience
The beauty of life that surrounds us.

We will have to settle for second hand success
As we watch the reruns of the life we missed
Because we were too busy to notice
Our prince or princess constructing a play dough 
Palace so magnificent, while we were obsessed
With things so meaningless.

If there is anything this life teaches us,
It’s that time is too precious to waste on fancy devices
That connect us to a world of virtual existence
That has no bearing to the life we experience.

If we tap into our senses and break down the fences
That cast shadows over our eyelids,
We can finally see life at its essence—
And disconnect from the Internet.


Author: Benjamin Hobson
Image: Mark Rain/Flickr
Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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