May 22, 2017

I Want to Be Cher when I Grow Up.

“I only answer to two people, myself and God.” ~ Cher


What a woman.

Cher still knocks us dead at 71.

And I can do a five-minute plank, just saying,” she casually declares.

For 53 years, Cher’s smile and laissez-faire attitude in outrageously skimpy, rock-n-roll styles have captivated us. This year at the 2017 Billboard Awards, she didn’t disappoint.

Here is a woman who has been told her entire life that she isn’t the best, she’s not perfect, and she is not the prettiest. Yet, she takes the stage with her head held high and with a beautiful message from her heart: “We are all special.” This is what she was told long ago and absolutely learned to believe.

A few years ago, a friend invited me last minute to her concert inside a large, indoor arena. We were so far from the stage, the opening act looked like ants. Yet after Cher took the stage—her combination of dramatic dress, insanely talented backup troop who could perform 70s dances to Cirque du Soleil-type twirls down giant curtains with ease, and the short films that accompanied her jaw-dropping, live performance on massive screens by the stage—we left on a high like we’d been in the first row. Cher knew how to make us feel special too.

This is also a woman who takes care of herself. She exercises, eats well, and slays the stage in her cutout, bedazzled leotards—all at 71. I overheard a woman today saying to her sister on the phone, “See, I can still get in better shape this summer. I am two years younger than Cher!”

I smiled so wide, I thought the lady might have heard it.  

No matter what age we currently are, if we want to grow up and be like Cher too, here is what we need to master:

>> Learn to smile in the face of adversity.

>> Truly know that we are special.

>> Take care of ourselves in order to take care of others.

>> Use our own 10 minutes of fame in life, wherever it may be, to spread hope.

>> Lastly, let our hair down. Better yet, try on someone else’s and have some fun. Loosen up, enjoy this life, and live like Cher.

In case you missed it, here is the beautiful tribute and Cher’s acceptance speech in her iconic outfit:




Author: Kate Fleming
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Editor: Leah Sugerman

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