May 2, 2017

Serendipity: This is How to Make Room for Magic in Your Life.

I’m a believer in magic.

I seek out miracles and blessings. One of the major ways to explore and experience these extraordinary events in everyday life is with serendipity. I believe that life is full of serendipity and it is our job to open ourselves to its opportunities.

I can remember the first time I learned about the origin of the word serendipity. Looking through the S’s of the Oxford English Dictionary of my college library, I stumbled upon the story of the Three Princes of Serendip and their journey of discovering things they were not seeking. From that moment, I opened my eyes, mind, and heart to the possibility of magic that blesses us, but that we don’t often expect.

I began to notice my own behavior of being overly focused on one thing or distracted by another. I was unable to notice the magnificent gifts that were being presented to me everyday. As I observed myself and my friends, I discovered that I was not alone; we are all bombarded with so many distractions to noticing, much less receiving, the every day magic that shows up in our lives.

So how do we make room for serendipity? What were the Princes of Serendip doing that we forget in our own busy lives? They were unattached, and they were open. On their journey of exploration, they were paying attention to what they encountered, as if they were clues leading them to something yet to be discovered and that would prove to be of benefit.

Recently, I have made it a practice to open myself up to the possibilities beyond my imagination. I’ve decided to take note of how I am resistant or attempting to control what I experience in life. Discovering how I clutter myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually with distractions and expectations (both good and bad). I also have made a conscious effort to clear myself as much as possible of everything that is preventing the flow of serendipitous magic into my life.

Four ways to open yourself to serendipity:

1) Clear Your Mind: Meditate.

When the mind is full, it is hard for new and different things to have space. Magic, miracles, blessings, and creative sparks need room to germinate, let alone grow. When our mind is full to the brim with thoughts, questions, and worries there is no space for anything else.

Meditation is the purest form of prayer for me. It’s not about asking or hoping, instead it is about making space within me, so I can receive the love and wisdom of life. It’s letting go of control or desire and opening my mind to something bigger than me.

2) Clear Your Body: Breathe, Exercise, Dance, Practice Yoga.

We stuff ourselves with food and drink and ideas about how we are supposed to feel and look. We often forget to just tune into our physical presence. When we take the time to breathe consciously, we take a pause to feel the physical needs of our body. Literally, the air makes space inside of us.

The movement of exercise, dance, or yoga brings this spacious flow into the cells of our body. When we move, our bodies have wisdom and feelings that are magical when we surrender to them and let them guide us.

3) Clear Your Physical Space: De-Clutter.

I don’t know about you, but when my home, car, or office is messy and unorganized, I become overwhelmed and feel burdened by life. I get lost in all that needs to be done and forget to feel joy or gratitude for all of the wonderful things that surround me. I’ve learned that honoring my spaces as sacred creates pleasure in taking care of them. In being free of distractions, I am more apt to experience life’s sweet treasures: the light falling on a blossoming crocus or the first bluebird’s song in the morning.

4) Clear Your Attitude: Smile and Expect Goodness.

When we open our minds and hearts to the idea that good things can flow toward us, we are actually sending subliminal messages out to say “Yes, bring me some lovin’. I am ready to receive.” If we are bogged down, in a funk, fearful, or expecting the worst, we aren’t making any space for positive things. When our minds, hearts, and bodies are filled with negativity, we prevent ourselves from receiving and understanding our true needs.

Are you ready to make some space? De-clutter? We don’t have to, of course. We may like to talk about what we want, but are actually afraid of the reality of receiving it. This fear keeps us cluttered, closed, and unable to accept the magic of serendipity.

Time to let go—the magic is on your side, ready and waiting for you to invite it in.




Author: Samantha Eddy
Image: Flickr/Jean Francois
Apprentice Editor: Helen Saenz Maksutovic/Editor: Travis May

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