May 12, 2017

The 10 Best Street Art Pieces on Instagram Right Now.

I love street art.

It’s fluidity, anonymity, anarchism, playfulness.

I’ve always thought that there’s something Buddhist about street art: in order to paint in the city, you have to “let go” of your baby, your own creation. Anyone can come and paint over, destroy, or remove your hard work the next day. But that’s the whole idea and beauty of it—-public space belongs to everyone. 

Social media, especially Instagram, has started a new era in street art world: never has sharing, following, and documenting been easier. Hashtag #streetart has, while I’m typing this, 27,081,696 posts on Instagram. Long gone anonymity and illegality. (Well, we still don’t know who Banksy is.)

As a street art enthusiast, a former street art tour guide (yes, that’s a real job), and an assistant to internationally acknowledged painters, I have become seriously addicted to the culture.

Now, here’s my list of the most witty, funny, political, surreal, and technically eye-catching street artists right now, via Instagram:

“Instagram-O-Matic” by Biancoshock @biancoshock in Belgium:

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“Spaces of Hope” by Mehdi Ghadyanloo @mehdighadyanloo in Boston:

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“Les Trois Ages” by Borondo in Paris:

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“Above This” by Rone @r_o_n_e in Melbourne, Australia:

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This latest Mobstr @m.obstr saga in London, England: (See the whole story on his Instagram.)

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“Europe’s Greatest Shame #11” by EGS @oldhelsinki in Helsinki:

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“Yonge and st Clair” by Phegm @phlegm_art  in Toronto:

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“Big Mother” by Stik @stikstudio in London:

“Balancing Act” by Slinkachu @slinkachu_official:

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Oh, and…this latest by @banksy in Dover, England:

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Author: Sara Kärpänen
Image: Strevo/Flickr 

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