May 11, 2017

The Sexual Imbalance in Politics from a Yogic Perspective.


Our sexuality affects everyone around us, especially when the imbalance is as great as it is in politics.

When someone is sexually stable, they love and honor women and men of all sexes, races, orientation, and religious beliefs because they know variety is a celebrated expression of a harmonious nature.

As a usually very loving Tantra educator and intimacy coach, I identify greed, corruption, and an egotistical hunger for power to be stemming from sexual dysfunction and below the belt shortcomings.

When we’re involved in a healthy and enriching relationship with our bodies and/or our partners, sexual energy is invited to flow fluidly. This allows us to naturally exude peace, love, and joy for all humanity. Otherwise, negative, discriminating, stagnant energy controls our better judgment and poisons the world around us.

“If you want to know where your life is, look at your sexuality.” ~ Sri Prem Baba

No self-respecting women (or men) who have ever experienced the illuminating flush of deep sexual ecstasy could possibly be drawn to support something as shallow as our current deranged and misguided political parties.

Once we are opened by authentic love making, lower frequencies of fear and unconsciousness are cleared and dissolved. A profound intimate connection channels sexual dynamism throughout our being rather than manifesting as undesirable, narrow-minded anger and detachment (as with our recently elected officials).

When honoring our divine sexuality, something mystical happens in our psyche. Windows open within our mind and in the very depths of our ripened soul. Ripples of peace waves permeate us, activating immense potential for insight and wisdom. Our senses heighten. We become perceptive with increased clarity. We have not only merged with cosmic energies of love and light, but have invited our own ultimate truth of global unity to blaze within.

There is no room in our openness to be attracted to the dark side of division and fear. We long to nurture equality and the rights of all sentient beings. We are no longer gullible enough to be convinced that scornful separation is the way.

Any stuck energies which have previously clouded our judgment get dispersed through the act of conscious sex. We are drawn to those who own their woman/manhood rather than the ones poisoned by it.

If a man is busy being threatened by femininity, he is unable to worship the sacredness of his brothers and sisters. Although he himself has been born from the womb, he despises this powerful place due to stagnation in his own pelvic area and overall lack of masculinity. If he does not honor all as divine, those blinded by him may be blocked from further blossoming.

“Blessed be the womb, without which we would not be.” ~ Wiccan Incantation

The male ego is crushed by fears of sexual inadequacy. He is easily threatened and triggered. He attacks others and demands control in order to take attention off himself. It’s easier to point fingers instead of making effort to heal the wounds.

“Put away your pointless taboos and restrictions on sexual energy-rather—rather help others to truly understand its wonder and to channel it properly.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

Fear, hate, and animosity are born from hurt and suffering, which is rooted in our pelvis. Deepak Chopra spoke brilliantly about it on the Conan show.

From a yogic perspective, he explained how our elected president is stagnant in his lower chakras. There is little movement. Sexual energy is not channeled; it is heavy, grotesque, and unable to move through him in a healthy way.

If I were to hold his balls (God forbid), place a finger on his perineum, and ask him to squeeze, I doubt I would feel anything but flaccid deadness. I might notice his stomach clenching and his breath constricted.

Weakness in that area is not only responsible for an inability to hold an erection or last very long, but also affects how he performs out of the bedroom. Being unattached to his sex center (which holds an ocean of incredible power) strongly influences his attitude toward others, often creating hostility toward the opposite sex.

“No one is more arrogant toward women, more aggressive or scornful, than the man
who is anxious about his virility.” ~ Simone de Beauvoir

When a man is in control of his sexuality, he has more stamina, charisma, and overall wellness. He is no longer angry with the world for his misfortunes. His vitality enables him to celebrate all diversity.

Once conscious individuals have been awakened by the realization of how sexual bliss impacts us, bigots, racists, and overly conservative men with the urge to control women seem very small. We may feel compassion, but no urge to associate with them, knowing their energy could drag us down.

“With the spread of conformity and image-driven superficiality, the allure of an individuated woman in full possession of herself and her powers will prove irresistible. We were born for plenitude and inner fulfillment.” ~ Elizabeth Prioleau

I don’t only blame ignorance, the media, or even religious preference for the epidemic of overwhelming darkness. Imbalanced sexual energy is a common culprit of anger, frustration, and separation, as seen in our current leaders. For their followers, it’s admirable to “stand by your man,” but not if your men loathe women.

It is unfortunate we aren’t taught to honor our sexual energy and respect its power. Sex ed teaches us very little. We can learn from our partners throughout life, but even this can be limited. We are socially programmed at a young age not to acknowledge how our sexuality influences our whole existence and how we treat ourselves and others.

“Sexual intercourse is believed to nullify all social barriers, unblocking the flow of energies essential to the divine creative function.” ~ Shahrukh Husain

The Western world desperately needs a profound shift to reset our stuck energies. I encourage us all to listen to our bodies, minds, and spirits and enlighten ourselves in the depth of knowledge regarding our beautiful and organic sexuality.

Five suggested practices:

1. Uddiyana bandha. This ancient and powerful yogic exercise is ideal to sublimate sex energy. It reverses the flow of lower vibrations to higher centers, even stimulating the brain. It is a natural way to boost vitality, strength and youthfulness. It offers perfect health to the testes and ovaries. (There are many instructional videos online.)

2. Honor the femininity or masculinity in yourself and others without arrogance or competition. Celebrate the polarities of yin and yang.

3. Think peaceful thoughts during intimacy of any kind. We’re unusually open at this time. What we focus on intensifies. This alone works miracles.

4. Attach breath to pelvic floor exercise. For more info, please see this article.

5. Observe Nature. Acknowledge that absolutely every living thing has been created by sexual energy. It deserves our respect.

Surprisingly, an intense amount of empowerment has come along with my initial disappointment regarding the disheartening phase of politics in this age of Kali Yuga. Our collective ignorance of reality has inspired me. I’m more likely to speak my truth and less likely to care what others think. I’m more determined to educate others how to expand in love and liberation through sexual awakening.

“Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Although my ability to feel compassion has been challenged by the frightening fog of delusion surging to the surface of this country, I will remember love dominates. I’m strong enough not to allow the weight of societal drama, my hormones, or the pull of a powerful moon to bring forgetfulness to my kind heart.

Along with my personal opinions in the words I share, I send authentic heaps of love everywhere to all my global sisters and the men who exist in these confusing times, whether we love or despise them!

“At heart most men are as terrified of women’s infinite sexual capacity as they are fascinated by it. The general effect on men is to make them feel sexually insecure and causes them to attempt to compensate with some other strength. Sexual insecurity may be the primary reason men have sought physical, political, financial, intellectual, and religious advantage over woman.” ~ Mantak Chia



Author: Tirzah Shiya (Adya)
Image: Pixabay
Editor: Travis May

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