May 7, 2017

We will have Greatness in this Life.


You will have a great love in this life.

You will meet them when you are five, 16, 37, or 83. It does not matter if you know them for a decade, a year, or a day.

You will blush in their presence. Love will burn like sunshine through their skin, soaking you in a pink glow. You will feel like the entire world is a small hill now that you have climbed this mountain into the heart of another. You will no longer be afraid to open your heart.

You will have a great friendship in this life.

You will be able to run to them when you cannot move. They will cradle the pieces of your broken heart so gently that you will feel love in the absence of those pieces. They will fill the cracks in your being with tender care. You will feel as if you have been by each other’s side for lifetimes—even if the friendship does not last for eternity.

You will have a great heartbreak in this life.

With her presence, she will take your ability to eat, breathe, sleep. Food will no longer be full of flavour, for you have been broken and hurt in a way you did not know possible. All you will see is a world touched by your lost love. You will cry over a pencil they gave you the night you met, or the fortune cookie you broke the night you first made love. You will be magnificent in giving yourself the liberty to completely break down, only to be born anew.

You will have a great learning in this life.

The doors to your mind will burst open with possibility. Your definition of what you are capable of will change by the minute. Nothing will be the same, and you will learn that this evolution just may be the most powerful experience in your existence.

You will have a great healing in this life.

You will learn to cherish every groove in your skin and every scar on your heart. You will honour the sensitivity of your particular chemistry and feel blessed for your open mind. Your body will astonish you with its ability to adapt, carry on, and move forward. You will be a constant student of trust.

You will have a great passion in this life.

Whether it is for a person, a project, or a cause does not matter. What matters is the hours it will pull you away from the rest of the world. Everything around you will become blurry when you are in the thick of it. You will only have one great passion—the rest are curiosities. It may not come until the end of your life, the love of your life, or the light of your life.

You will have a great lull in this life.

The world will seem to slow, there will seem to be nothing driving you forward. Be patient—no fire burns brightly for years on end. You must enjoy the warmth of the embers, tending to spontaneous sparks. Revel in curiosities, do not feel pressure to shine so bright. Allow yourself to bask in the brightness of those around you.

You will have a great existence at your fingertips.

You may not believe this, and you may spend hours or years doubting your inherent magic. But you must leap into your own capacity, chase your own wonder, and soak in your own beauty.

Your life is waiting for you to jump.


Author: Annabelle Blythe
Image: Ruthie Martin/Unsplash
Editor: Nicole Cameron

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