May 3, 2017

When your Heart Knows, your Mind doesn’t Worry.

“You’re all my heart ever talks about.” ~ Unknown


I don’t know anything but the way it feels to be next you.

I don’t know anything but love, because it seems that’s all we give to each other now. And while time travels fast and lucid around us, I don’t spend too much time worrying about it either.

The reality is, anxiety feeds on insecurity, for which I have no use.

Because when we are sure of ourselves and what we have with another person, there is no reason to worry—even if what we have falls somewhere between the indescribable and unmentionable.

There is no reason to sit around imagining disastrous “what if” situations that could topple hearts and break tears out from even the most iron-clad prisons, because thoughts like these aren’t truth—they’re fear. Fear of being hurt, being made a fool, or worse, being wrong.

Fear has no place in love. It may try to sneak in under the tenderest of guises, but, sooner or later, it will only turn everything else ugly.

So I don’t worry. I don’t fear, and actually I’m probably way more secure than I have any logical reason to be. This isn’t because I’m cocky or arrogant. I simply know the truth: that what we have is that once-in-a-lifetime, good kinda stuff everyone wants, and that it can’t be had with anyone else.

There’s a quiet confidence from feeling our heart’s truth.

The most important aspect of all this is that it’s not your job to reassure me of your feelings or your intent to be consistent and steady. We can’t rely upon our partner for security within our relationship and our own feelings.

This is the easy way out. The hard part is finding that security from within—where truth also lies.

If I only feel secure when your hand is in mine, or when you’ve just said “I love you,” then how deep is our shared connection? Instead, security is created in the moments of uncertainty and silence—those quiet times when we have the option to self-destruct into a pit of foreboding anxiety.

It’s created from realizing that what we have can’t be replaced, from realizing that nothing can ever change us or make us insecure. Nothing, no one, not even time can begin to dismantle the red thread of connection from my heart to yours—because when it’s real, it’s here to stay.

For when our hearts know the truth, nothing else seems to matter.

Maybe I’m an idealist, an optimist—perhaps some might label me a fool. But I don’t believe I’m any of these. I’m just someone who feels with her heart, who leaves the thinking for another day, and who delves into life knowing that the best things can’t truly be explained.

I’m simply someone who believes in love.

But I think it’s deeper than that—I believe in the draw of connection to the one created for me, the other soul who is a match for my own. And maybe some scoff at this idea—but they will never be the ones who find it.

For when two come together whose connection can never be replicated again, there is no fear that it can be lost. Think about it: If we have truly met our one, why would we ever believe that we could lose them? It’s not just us standing with our hands outstretched in an extension of love, it’s them too.

Perhaps one day you’ll decide that it can’t be your arms that I fall into, or your lips that make me forget about time. There might be a day when you will tell me that you can’t be there for me in all the ways you always have been, that we need to sever our connection. And although it would break my heart (and even break me)—it doesn’t mean it will change anything.

It doesn’t mean that it’s not love.

And so the only thing that I can do is trust what my heart feels, trust what I’ve experienced by your side, because I know that I’m not the only one who feels this won’t ever come by again. You feel it too.

And so I choose faith over fear, love over worry, and hope over disappointment.

I choose you.

Not because it’s the noble or easy thing to do, but because when someone is truly a part of us, not choosing them just isn’t an option.

I don’t worry any longer; I don’t worry about the future, what we are, or what will happen.

Because all I know is what I’ve experienced and what we’ve discussed under the sky full of stars, and so I know that the only thing worry would do is ruin how beautiful we are. My heart is full of peace because I don’t think it has ever been about if with us—but rather when.

And maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’ll be let down and crushed—or just maybe I’ll see what happens when we let our heart lead, not worry.

If we can’t trust someone with our hearts, if we can’t choose to trust what we share with someone, then we have no chance of true love, no matter what superficial commitments are made.

For it’s not the titles or status updates that make a relationship, but the deep knowledge that what we share just can’t ever be duplicated. It’s the knowing that two hearts share when they each stop and say, “That’s the one.”

Because sometimes, love just speaks for itself.



Author: Kate Rose
Image: Pixabay
Editor: Callie Rushton

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