June 5, 2017

She Flowed. {Poem}


She flowed.

And so she flowed.
She flowed through space and time, all while standing still.
She flowed through emotion, raw and ragged—
She flowed.

She flowed into the vastness of the ocean, counting the stars that spun above her dreamy head, calling her to join them.
She flowed.
She flowed through the world, unseen and uneasy;
She flowed through this life, but always felt compelled for another.
Yet, she continued to flow.

She danced, and dreamed, and breathed, and spun,
And no one could see her.
She threw herself at them with all her might,
Still, it was as if she wasn’t there.

So she flowed, silent, weeping, still, and soft;
She flowed through this life, alone, on her own, while dreaming of another.



Author: Jocelyn Black
Image: Taia Butler
Editor: Taia Butler

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