June 28, 2017

Why Unplugging Now could Save us Millions in the Future. ~ Rainbeau Mars

Five reasons why you should book a retreat somewhere you can completely let go, right after reading this.

1. You are worth it. Literally, we are worth billions.

Let me ask you if you have ever considered the value of your body, mind, and spirit.

Would you, perhaps, sell your eyeballs for a million dollars? What about your feet, legs, throat, organs? How about your heart, brain, or your very essence? Your ability to think, hear, and speak? When you really think about it, and add it all up, we are all truly worth at least a billion dollars. Take any of these incredible attributes away, and one might pay or sell anything to get them back.

Take your health for example. One might drive themselves into total exhaustion to be healthy, but if they became truly sick with something that essential oils or a pill couldn’t fix, they might be willing to sell every last item they’ve got to gain their health back. That’s a lot of value.

2. Having balance in our lives requires more than a quick jump to the gym.

Doesn’t balance mean having a 50/50 ratio, or at least an even distribution, rather than, say, 90/10?

Balancing out our eight or even 10-hour work days with a coffee-induced workout could further stress out the system and adrenals, and lead to serious stresses on our bodies, affecting our entire lives later on. On the other hand, is taking one week per year to drink margaritas and eat unhealthy food in a loud, noisy, and crowded place really a respite from the amount of time we spend pushing and forcing?

If we really need an even distribution of time to have equanimity, it seems like time doing nothing, resting our bodies, eating healing foods, and deep breathing might be a good call—rather than more stimulation.

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3. The necessity of cleaning up our bodies and minds.

Just like a PC or Mac needs regular maintenance, this is one of the necessary components for optimal functioning.

Let’s pretend that our computers are maxed, all systems are overloaded, and we haven’t taken the time to clean up the desktop and hard drives—and the systems start crashing. Similarly, imagine that we were constantly having parties at our house, and we only spend an hour per day cleaning up, or even worse, just a few times a week.

Would the house or computer ever be functioning optimally? We would have non-functioning devices. Our only options would be to get repairs done or give up using the computer. Our tool for work and play would become fractioned and dysfunctional, stalling with an overload of information. And if we didn’t take enough time to catch up and deep clean our houses, we would not want to live there. The same idea goes for our favorite, trusty computers.

Bodies, however, can’t be replaced. So, investing time and effort into cleaning and maintaining our bodies and minds seems to be quite worth our time in my book.

4. The benefits of relaxation are more than just hype, when it comes to our health.

Relaxing assists and supports the health of our bones, and also relieves muscle tension. It supports a natural rejuvenation and rebooting of our nervous, non-muscular organ, and endocrine systems. Physiological bonuses include heart health and lower blood pressure, and we also enjoy a greater peace of mind.

This is the time for our body’s cells to regenerate—especially if we are eating rejuvenating foods. We reduce anxiety and stress and can begin to detoxify from environmental toxins and hazards as we support our well-being.

5. Learn to meditate for a truly successful life.

Many highly successful people have figured out how to live a lifestyle where they are able to actually enjoy their lives—isn’t that true success?

Whether we practice yoga (which I call “yoga in action,” as it contributes to a healthy and aligned body structure, therefore supporting everything else you do) or simply sit. What if we find that we can slow down, and still manifest more?

“Meditation more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient for whatever success I’ve had.” That’s what Ray Dalio, the billionaire founder of Bridgewater Associates—the world’s largest hedge fund firm—explained in 2012.



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