June 6, 2017

Your Chakras may be Blocking you from Prosperity.

The practice of Kundalini Yoga is intended to awaken a coil of energy that typically lies dormant at the base of the spine.

Through mantra (chanting), mudra (postures), and breath work, that energy uncoils, rising up the energy channel that runs along the spine. This energy channel happens to run straight through each of the human body’s eight chakras (energy centers)—balancing and strengthening each one.

When these energetic points are operating at their full potential, we can access our soul’s full potential as well, and that includes prosperity.

When the chakras are blocked or stagnant, life holds back, and can, instead, draw toward us exactly what it is that we don’t want. Each chakra has a different influence on our abilities to manifest prosperity in our lives.

First Chakra

Located at the base of the spine and associated with the color red, this chakra drives our basic capacity for survival. Suffering from extreme poverty or materialism can indicate an imbalance in this root chakra. With a strong and balanced first chakra, we have the necessary foundation for true prosperity to build—otherwise we may go through life feeling needy and impoverished.

Second Chakra

Above the root chakra, in the space of the sex organs, is the second chakra which drives our creativity, enjoyment, and sexuality and is associated with the color orange. In order to experience the flow of creativity and joy that make sure true abundance and prosperity is a possibility, this area must be strong and balanced. Otherwise, even with more money than you know what to do with, you won’t have the capacity to enjoy it.

Third Chakra

Tighten the index, middle, and ring fingers together and extend them straight out. Then place your index finger in the belly button. The space just below the ring finger is where all nerve endings meet. Associated with the color yellow, this is your power center, your navel chakra. It is from here that we can set goals, and see them through. A strong and balanced third chakra provides both the vision and determination to make your dreams a reality.

Fourth Chakra

At the heart center, represented by the color green, is the fourth chakra. Our abilities to love, feel gratitude, have patience, and have generosity originate here. When we feel love and gratitude in our lives, we are truly able to experience prosperity and are open to the flow of prosperity. Without an open heart, we cannot fully accept the experience of abundance.

Fifth Chakra

The blue throat center energy is the home of the fifth chakra. It is the center of communication and from where we speak our truth. When strong and aligned, the fifth chakra enables our prayers to be answered, and aides us in communicating in the ways we must to invite prosperity. If you want your prayers of prosperity to be heard, the fifth chakra must be balanced.

Sixth Chakra

Located at the brow point, the sixth chakra, is represented by the color indigo. When this area is strong and balanced our intuition is in tune, our choices will be wise, and we will find ourselves in the right place at the right time. Approaching life from inner wisdom and being in the right place in the right moment, make the sixth chakra the most important of all when it comes to prosperity.

Seventh Chakra

Represented by the color violet, the seventh chakra is located at the crown of the head and is our connection to Source. Our connection to the infinite Creative force allows us to hear the call of the soul. The purest form of prosperity is our remembrance of our connection to the Source of all things. Weakness in this chakra limits our vision of life’s possibilities and leads to egoism.

Eighth Chakra

The strength and balance of all other chakras comes to light here, in the aura—the body’s electromagnetic field. A strong and balanced aura has the ability to protect from and transmute negative outside energies. An aligned aura creates radiance and magnetizes prosperity. A weakened aura can prevent the things that we need from reaching us, and block our prosperity.

In order to live out our full potential in this life, all of the bodily chakras must be tended to. Part of why Kundalini Yoga is often marketed for enhancement of prosperity is that all Kundalini Yoga exercises and meditations raise the energy up the spine, strengthening and balancing each of the chakras.


Author: Kristen Campbell 
Image: eberhard grossgasteiger/Unsplash
Editor: Leah Sugerman

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