July 31, 2017

Be Brave, Be Strong & Let this Practice Change your World. ~ Kino MacGregor

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Urdhva Dhanurasana, Backbending. The traditional Ashtanga backbends will stir up all sorts of unexpressed emotions and bring you into the unfelt body..

It’s so easy to give our power away.

One day, we wake up and realize that we’re living a lie. And then, we begin to take our power back.

The world that is used to us being subservient will fight back. We have to stand our ground. We have to trust that the greatest power in the universe has our back.

When I think about how many times I’ve decided to hold my tongue or just give someone what they want, because I didn’t want to rock the boat, makes me sick.

It’s my own fault for bending over backward to please other people without taking the time to check in with myself. But some people really are overwhelming, and it’s their form of control.

Like, if some people just talk loud enough, or cry long enough, or stir up a big enough fuss, you’ll have to give them what they want. There have been times I’ve said nothing to keep the peace, and other times I’ve said what I thought someone wanted to hear.

Well, that’s over.

I’m done letting other people decide for me.

I’m done letting other people’s emotions control me. Because, if we sit in a corner with our bitterness and resentment, and we let it fester, it only harms us.

If we don’t communicate our feelings to anyone, we can’t blame someone for not knowing how we feel.

We are responsible for our own journey.

You’ve got to be brave enough to bring everything that is in the darkness out in the light; you have to be strong enough to speak up for yourself, strong enough to stand your ground.

Be brave. Be strong. And let the practice change your world.


Author: Kino MacGregor
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