July 9, 2017

July’s Full Moon in Capricorn: Evolving our Inner Elder.

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This full moon on July 8, 2017, reached its peak at 10:06 p.m. MST in the mature, ambitious sign of Capricorn.

This full moon is a harvesting time of the intentions planted during the new moon phase in sensitive Cancer, on June 23.

This full moon is fused with Pluto while the Sun is fused with Mars, denoting more intensity in our emotional responses and further highlighting the dynamic polarity between the tenderness inside of us and the responsible action we must pilot at this time. While we may have an increased sense of awareness of our emotional needs, we seek balance from the teachings of the archetypes of the Authority, the Elder, and the Father.

Capricorn energy heralds the gifts of patience and maturation. Here we know that excellence takes tutelage, sustained effort, and perhaps some sacrifice. The college girl who declines the Friday night party in lieu of hunching over textbooks in the wake of an approaching exam assumes the maturational influence of Capricorn; she will likely be closer toward receiving the blessings of accomplishment and success as a result. The ability to delay gratification and resist temptation fall under Capricorn’s domain. We revisit our relationship to Capricorn themes time and again.

While Cancer’s energy inclines itself toward emotional awareness and sensitivity, Capricorn’s energy ultimately affords us that place inside ourselves where the teary well runs dry. Here is where we acknowledge the need to exercise some restraint in our emotional displays. We recognize where limits, structure, and boundaries are helpful and facilitate our ability to maintain integrity in our relationships.

Integrity and a strong backbone serve as core elements to Capricorn energy in its highest manifestation; conversely, the cloaked and shadowy nature of Capricorn also carries manipulation, control, and power dynamics in their most flagrant manner. Those who occupy power positions for ego gratification and the glorification of false gods (money, status, fame) would be reflections of rotting Capricorn energy.

In Capricorn, we set and follow rules to establish order. Systems, organizations, structure…some work well, while others thoroughly fail us. During the present full moon, collectively, we are attuned to where our political and organizational structures serve us and also where they are not attuned to the needs of humanity.

Ambition is high and excellence is on the agenda. Capricorn energy carries a heavy, dense frequency that facilitates a serious, grounded approach to our affairs. Skillfully utilized, Capricorn turns fanciful dreams into realistic goals we can work toward and manifest in a concrete way. Capricorn creates an action plan and asks us to take a solid step forward.

As with any full moon, a more personal understanding of where this Capricorn energy is highlighted for you will be found in locating it’s placement in your astrological natal chart. Collectively, however, these are some essential
questions to reflect upon this full moon:

Have I taken real steps to crystallize and clarify my emotional needs? Do I need to make further alterations to address these needs in a mature fashion?

Where do I need to apply more focus and discipline in light of my current ambitions?

Where can I find the balance between self-soothing and self-discipline?

Are there any areas of my life where I exert too much rigid control? If so, what accommodations move me toward attaining a healthier equilibrium?

What new structures have been set in motion during the new and waxing moon phases that will provide me with a truer sense of “home,” both in the internal and external sense?

Where do the rules I currently live by truly serve me and where do they deny, negate, and starve other aspects of my being? Where can I make adjustments?

During this full moon phase we will be manifesting and fine-tuning the intentions set during the new moon phase, coming closer toward bringing them into concrete form.

Action steps:

Practice balance: Capricorn energy serves to balance out the emotionality of Cancer’s new moon energy with the ability to set limits and create a container. We need to be sensitive to where we can feed our emotional needs in a measured and healthy way without overly indulging them or starving them into extinction. Balance is the practice during this full moon, as we acknowledge the polarity we live by as we attend to our emotional needs on one end and our practical, concrete needs on the other.

Apply responsible action: Eliminate and/or re-negotiate old rules, timetables, budgets, and other organizational systems that no longer serve you. Construct more appropriate external structures you can fill in and grow within over the course of time. New methods and forms promise greater integrity for future growth. Trust that what is eliminated now, perhaps outside your jurisdiction, belongs to the past.

Embody greater authority: We are also moving away from emotional impulsivity and childishness and into a more measured and grounded approach toward our emotional world and themes around home and family. We grow during this full moon by recognizing emotional patterns that reflect overindulgence, over-protectiveness, and stagnancy. We fortify our backbone and foster a more authoritative presence within ourselves. We’re asked to grow up, set firmer boundaries with ourselves and others, and essentially step into a greater sense of self-mastery.

Cultivate patience: With Capricorn, we are called to cultivate patience, knowing that time and sustained effort are required for fully realizing longer-term projects that may have been initiated during the new moon in Cancer. We are reminded to stay grounded and honor the element of time in bringing our visions to fruition. Some mountains take longer to climb than others. Commit yourself to a higher level of self-discipline in deliberately carving your path forward. Be happy with the small steps.

A mindful intention during this Capricorn full moon will guide us into reflection upon our relationship to the themes of balance, responsible action, greater authority, and patience, thus aligning ourselves with a collective sense of maturation and wisdom that serves us all.


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