July 25, 2017

Why Astrology Should be in Everyone’s Life.

Astrology gets a bad rep in our culture—and sometimes rightfully so. 

There is a lot of bad astrology advice out there. There are astrology posts that I cringe while reading online. Then there are stories of things said by astrologers to clients that make my heart hurt for the damage incurred.

But, just like there’s bad doctors, therapists, chefs, and house cleaners, it does not mean that we need throw away the whole industry.

Here are some of the incredible benefits from the practice of astrology that I’ve discovered in my own life:

1. It provides order to the chaos that is life. Astrology has the ability to provide a concrete framework to the many challenges and tribulations of life’s journey. One of the most common and mainstream understandings of astrology is the Saturn Return.

The Saturn Return happens for everyone during the ages of 28-30 (roughly). During this time period, it can be incredibly helpful to know what is going on: the breakdown of the prior karma that has driven our life up to that point, and then the conscious rebuilding of what we would like to bring into true adulthood. Knowing this, and much more personalized information based on our own, individual chart, can be incredibly helpful to provide context when we are enduring challenging times.

2. Astrology provides meaning. Astrology, when practiced in its deepest forms, has the ability to provide a greater sense of meaning and purpose. Astrology has the ability to get past the simple acknowledgment of how we are in a given situation; it can begin to delve into the why. Why has my life played out in this way? Why have certain challenging things happened to me? Why am I continually facing this pattern? What is the deeper underlying intention? What am I supposed to be learning from it?

3. Astrology provides a greater sense of connectedness. When it becomes undoubtedly clear that the position of the planets, both at the time of birth and currently, have a rather large impact on our lives, it can make revolutionary shifts in our perspective toward existence. No longer are we separate beings in our own bubble, completely independent from the world (and universe) around us. No longer are we just a random collection of atoms and particles colliding into each other. There’s something deeper at work.

4. Astrology reignites our sense of wonder. When we see and feel that the planets do affect us deeply, we start to wonder why. And there are some rather compelling theories and pointers as to how this is happening, but as we continue to dig deeper and continue asking why, we’ll eventually bump up against the edge of what we can logically comprehend. We’ll eventually come up against the deep mysteries of the universe, things that can never be consciously understood.

And from there, the only thing that’s left is wonder, awe, and reverence. The only thing that’s left is a true humbling of the self in the face of that which is infinitely greater and more capable than us, that which we can only dream of understanding with our human minds.

And given all that, I believe that it’s high time astrology finds its way back to a place of worthiness within mainstream culture. In a culture that’s strikingly devoid of greater meaning, astrology can hold some of the keys to help us find our way back to meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and belonging.

Astrology was possibly both the first science and the first religion ever created by humans—and I think we’re long overdue for a reunification.  



Author: Rob Paul 
Image: Pixabay
Editor: Travis May
Copy Editor: Catherine Monkman
Social Editor: Khara Jade Warren

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