August 12, 2017

How to Clear the Chaos that comes after Letting Go.

There comes a time when we’ve gotta stop ridding ourselves of what we don’t want, and start satiating ourselves with what we do.

A time when psychotherapeutic dissection becomes obsolete, and the same energy that was used to dissect something to the point of killing it’s charge in us, is used to sew together a new internal foundation.

No one ever really talked about this part of the journey. The part that once you’ve figured out what you had f*cked up in the first place no longer has control over you—you’re left in a lull. I like to call it the “space between.”

It’s a time when you’ve undressed yourself of clothing that you resentfully wore, and then, damn, you’re totally f*cking naked with the whole world looking at you. It’s when we’ve eradicated all of our demons, and if not, we’ve befriended and tamed them.

We’ve made an internal space by letting go of what wasn’t working, and before some genius like me comes around and tells you what I’m about to say, you’ll sit in what feels like intense chaos you can’t turn off, the most uncertain you’ve ever been in your life, but totally certain it’s all good.

They call it ego death. I call it freedom.

That lull, that void that all of your clearing, cleansing, self-work, and therapy has created, wants to be filled by your soul. I’m here to tell you how to bring her to earth in the quickest way possible once you’ve made enough space to embody her/him.

Freedom of mind offers us the opportunity to create a new identity. Freedom, in my opinion, is the only path to our true identity, an identity backed by soul.

Wanna know who your soul really wants to show up as?

Make a list of the people that turn you on. Like, activate your life-force kind of turn on. It could be physical attraction, intellectual stimulation, or the sense of safety they provide to you from across the room, but when you’re on, you feel it, and you think it’s them turning you on, but, it’s really you, turning you on. That’s your soul, showing you your vibrational preferences.

Answer the following questions about the people who turn you on:

What qualities do they exude that you can’t help but notice?

What values do they live by? How do they express living by this value in their daily lives?

The qualities, values, and expressions that stand out the most to you, are the ones that the real you wants you to experience yourself as. This simple list will save you years of uncertainty.

What values do I want to live by? How will I express them? What qualities and characteristics am I attracted to?

And then, you become them.

That, is your path of least resistance toward fulfilment after years of cleansing what wasn’t in alignment with the you you seek to be.

Become what turns you on and you’ll rock your whole world in the very best of ways.


Author: Stacy Hoch
Image: Hartwig/Flickr
Editor: Lieselle Davidson
Copy Editor: Danielle Beutell
Social Editor: Catherine Monkman


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