September 13, 2017

7 Sexperts on the Link between Sex & Spirit.

My radio show Eros Evolution explores the link between sex and spirit.

Over the last two years, I have interviewed many of my esteemed colleagues on this subject and asked seven of them to pen their thoughts here:

1. Dr. Tanginika-Simone Cuascud Vega, Clinical Sexologist, Sexual Health Educator, and Surrogate partner therapy practitioner. 

“I truly believe that sexual freedom can lead to a higher state of being. When we are free to express ourselves sexually, we are also more open to accept other people’s unique paths. If sex and spirituality are both conducive to better qualities and help us develop into more loving and accepting human beings, we have achieved what we have set out to conquer spiritually.

When we operate from a standpoint of ethical sexual expression, we are open to understanding and learning about one another without judgment. Most spiritual teachings are founded on principles of love and inclusion and the practice of an empowered sexuality can help individuals live by those tenets.”

2. Carl Frankel, Author of Secrets of the Sex Masters (Winner of 2015 AASECT Book of the Year award). 

“Sex is always related to spirit, given that all our impulses come from Source, including our most profane and ‘inappropriate’ ones. However, not all our sexual behaviour or choices are consciously spiritual. ‘Spiritual sex,’ also known as sacred sex, which is to say, sex entered into with the goal of connecting to the All, has its own special challenges and rewards. We risk getting all precious and holier-than-thou.

‘Sacred sex’ can come to mean sex that’s been somewhat denatured; it can be like eating a dumpling without any filling. On the plus side, sacred sex can be a profoundly transcendent experience in which we get beyond our skin-encapsulated egos and experience our oneness with the All. And that is one Hot experience.”

3. Laurie Handlers, Sex and Happiness Coach, author of Amazon #1 International Bestseller, Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy. 

“The link between sex and spirit for me is just that: sex is Spirit! They cannot be separated at all. And isn’t that what religion has been trying to do for centuries? Religion has defined spirit as being something contained, something holy and sacred. Sex has been defined as sin, the profane, something to be avoided except within the confines of marriage (that produces more babies to convert to the religion).

I don’t think these two can be separated. Sex and Spirit, never was separate, never will be. Sex is the energy of all creation, the most powerful life force. It is sacred and therefore the holiest of expressions of spirit (even between strangers). Bottom line: people who are sexually free cannot be controlled. Therein lies the rationale for attempting to separate them in the first place—control. Don’t be fooled.”

 4. Lee Harrington, Author, Educator, and Authenticity Instigator.

“The belief that our spirit and our flesh are distinct from one another limits us from the power that our bodies hold. Through our senses, and in turn our sexuality, we have the capacity to tap into the richness of power that the universe holds. Whether connecting with ourselves in sex, with another, or with a group of others, we have the capacity to open up not just our bodies, but our hearts.

By letting our moans and longing flow through us, we can let those waves of passion up into our spirit, refueling and reinvigorating us. Though spirit is within us, around us, and beyond us, entering into varied altered states of consciousness can allow us to feel, see, and bear witness to it with new eyes. Sex is one tool for entering such a state of being.”

5. Veronica Monet, ACS, CAM, Your Guide to Exquisite Partnership™. 

“No. They are one and the same. One reason most religion endeavors to eliminate or at least control our natural connection to sex, is that sex provides us with a direct connection to the divine. And most religious organizations simply will not tolerate our erotic enlightenment. If religions succeed in cutting us off from our sexuality, then we have no choice but to seek spirit through religion. But the original religion was sex. The magic and mystery of orgasms, conception, birth, and breast feeding inspired our ancestors to build temples, craft art, and celebrate nature and the seasons.

Today, we are cut off from our emotions, from our empathy, from our body wisdom and from our connection to our dear planet and the other sentient beings that share her with us. Our sexuality has devolved to something that rarely transcends but merely provides momentary satiation. But sex can be the surest path to merging with your beloved and the divine. It can take you to ecstatic heights you never could have dreamed of. How do we access this aspect of sex? It is a journey that begins with a conscious breath.”

6. Dr. Mitchell Tepper, Author or Regain That Feeling: Secrets To Sexual Self-Discovery and international expert on sexuality and disability. 

“The primary importance of a sense of connectedness with a trusted sexual partner as the pathway to achieving pleasure and orgasm, for the people with spinal cord injuries, in my research, introduces the importance of emotional and spiritual aspects. Spiritual aspects of sexuality transcend the physical and the knowable.

The meaning and purpose of sexuality is not only as a physical connection. It’s a spiritual one too. Some have been convinced by society’s lie that sex is all about genital sensations. When circumstances force you to look beyond cultural programming, you can begin to see a universal truth about sexuality: it’s a vehicle for spiritual connection. It’s another way to express the passion and energy of your heart.”

7. Robyn Vogel, MA, LMHC is a psychotherapist, certified sex coach, sex educator, and creator of Come Back To Love, Inc™.

“We are all yearning for only one thing—connection. It takes an awakened heart to realize that we are all connected no matter what and that each and every one of us is divine. Bringing the spiritual and sexual together is what Tantra is all about. Tantra literally means “tools to weave together and unite.”

Similar to yoga practice, Tantra practice unites us with God, with ourselves, and, if we care to share the energy, Tantra practice can powerfully unite us with our partner. Love is the foundation for bringing the spiritual into the sexual. It is the glue that holds these vast and visceral experiences together. Without love we do not have access to the spiritual realm, for love is not only the path we take to experience the divine, it is also the path itself.”

What is the link between sex and spirit for you? I hope these sharing has given you some insights.




Author: Martha Lee
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