September 6, 2017

Custom Juices for your Dosha.

I was recently skiing down a double black diamond mogul field, got stuck in some spring snow, heard the infamous pop, and suddenly my ACL was torn.

Thus began my year-long journey in healing.

One ACL reconstruction surgery later, and I was unable to practice the vinyasa yoga my body and spirit craved, couldn’t run the half-marathon I’d been training for for six months, and could barely walk to the bathroom.

My normally active body rebelled, and my kapha-pitta balance went cattywampus.

Do you know what your dosha is?

Doshas are a way of understanding your mind-body connection as aligned with Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu method of medicine. Everyone has aspects of all three doshas—kapha, pitta, and vata—and throughout our lives, one or two will get thrown out of balance, causing physical and subtle bodily distress.

In my case, because I was forced to be sedentary in my convalescence, the imbalance presented itself in weight gain, depression, and anxiety. Enter Kim Zimmerman at The Juicy Life: she crafted juices specially tailored for my healing body and my Ayurvedic imbalance. Once a week, her artisanal creations brought some energetic sunshine to my body, and as my knee healed, so did my spirit.

So, how does one keep their doshas in balance?

Diet and exercise are crucial elements of self-healing. Below, Kim shares a few of her custom recipes to balance and support your dominant dosha.


Grounded Kapha dosha has springtime energy, rooted to the earth. They are a little lethargic from a long winter, but ready to spring forth with growth if energized correctly.

A hot yoga practice and backbends can rile up a low-energy Kapha, especially a proud, balancing backbend like natarajasana.

Kapha Juice: makes 2 servings

2 cucumbers
4-5 celery stalks
2 tart apples
1 cup spring peas
2 handfuls arugula
2 lemons, add to taste
Handful dill
Cayenne pepper to taste


Airy Vata dosha has winter energy, like a light, swirling snowfall.

Grounding poses like viparita karani, also known as waterfall pose or, less elegantly, legs up the wall, are ideal for this dosha. Wrap a blanket as cozily as possible around as much of your body as you can, snuggle in there, and let your energy float down to the earth underneath you.

Vata Juice: makes 2 servings

5 carrots
5 oranges
1 whole pumpkin or butternut squash
2 cups sunchokes
3 celery stalks
Ginger to taste, start with an inch
Lemon to taste
Cinnamon to taste


Fiery pitta dosha is a hot, breezeless summer day. Pitta needs cooling energy to temper her flame, like child’s pose.

Pitta Juice: makes 2 servings

1 honeydew melon
2 cucumber
2 handfuls of spinach
1 handful of basil
2 limes, more to taste



Author: Morgan Balavage and Kimberly Zimmerman
Image: Matthew Hamilton/Unsplash
Editor: Emily Bartran
Copy Editor: Nicole Cameron

Social Editor: Taia Butler

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