September 11, 2017

The American Dream has Failed Us: A Manifesto for a New Generation.

This is a rally cry for those who desire a harmonious way of being, for those who refuse to accept that the “American Dream” is not the only path worth taking.

This is for those of us forging our own path. This is for the warriors, gods, and goddesses who are creating a new world.

The warriors of the new generation are an insidious breed. We draw our power from your inability to distinguish us from the masses. We bear no emblems or insignia, no marks of distinction. We are revising the status quo and your taken-for-granted assumptions about the course of our existence.

We do not accept that our life’s journey is predetermined: a degree followed by a job followed by a picket fence.

Instead, we are forging our own path and returning to our roots. We are connecting deeply and meaningfully with other dreamers and doers, carving our own course through existence.

We do not recognize your borders. We bear no allegiance to any nation; we recite no oaths. We carry no weapons. We resist through the reclamation of our own minds. We recognize that our ideas give birth to a new way of being, a desirable world where we live in communion with nature and one another.

We will live to see our vision of a new and better future manifest into being.

We will not stop until all of your oppressive structures are undone. We recognize that mediated depictions of race, gender, class, and nation only serve to separate. Your illusions no longer serve those in search of a harmonious life.

We recognize that reality is subjective, and choose, instead, to create our own. We recognize and accept the weight of the responsibility that comes with that. In fact, we honor it as you have not.

In the place of the reality you have left us with, we will create a new world in alignment with our vision for a new and better future. This new and better future will utilize technology to live in harmony with nature, rather than antagonizing it. This new world will view humanity as one race, one people, working collectively as a whole for each individual to thrive.

We recognize that the old way of being no longer serves our collective evolution.

The vision of a new future begins with small actions, taken daily—five minutes spent in contemplative silence, a smile to a stranger, a helping hand to someone in need. It continues with each individual recognizing her or his own highest potential.

Our unique perspective on this human existence is the only one like it. It manifests in creating new social structures—organizations, businesses, communities—that privilege meaningful connection and harmony with one another and with nature.

We are waking up.


Author: Kyle Bowe
Image: ian dooley/Unsplash
Editor: Emily Bartran
Copy Editor: Khara-Jade Warren
Social Editor: Nicole Cameron

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