September 21, 2017

When we’re Forced to Let go of a Soulmate.

A Poem For The Broken-Hearted.

Although your salty tears may be laced with rage and heartache,
have faith your path forward will be paved with unparalleled synchronicity.

Do not put your healing on hold any longer, sweet soul.
Wholeness, power, and joy are your birthright.

Stop indulging in pain, clinging to chaos,
and feeding yourself the agony of another human’s lack of love.

Immerse yourself in self-care as you stand on the edge of the unknown:
shaking, trembling, yet fully alive and aware of your own strength.

Let this experience break you open and rock you to your core.
Let it be the thing that propels you into self-empowerment once deemed unreachable.

Ruin precedes the evolution of Self.
Transform your pain into the creativity sitting dormant in your bones.

Inhale the whispers of intuition as you exhale unfounded beliefs.
The tangled knots in your mind will unravel through the process of curious discovery.

Be tender and gentle with your experience—
acknowledge each emotion, and refuse to diminish those delicate, beautiful parts of your humanity.

Let yourself be unsteady during this in-between,
trusting the magic of your essence is waiting patiently for your redemption.

The tattered pieces of your heart will heal,
and an all-encompassing love will seep into the corners of your soul once more.

Melt into grace, knowing that being messy and bound for a bigger life
can coexist within the same perfect moment.

Cry and scream and laugh and dance.
You are lit by starlight and held by Divinity.

This ending is where you begin, again.
You were strong enough to let love in. Now let it go.

“Love mixed with space is called letting go.” ~ Sakyong Mipham



Author: Rachel Dehler
Image: Flickr/Village9991
Editor: Callie Rushton
Copy Editor: Travis May
Social Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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Read 1 comment and reply

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