September 20, 2017

Why Empaths become Fatigued around Certain People.

Empaths are natural transmitters of energy.

They have invisible antennae, and they are not only able to process and transform the emotions of those around them, but they can transmute energy from the past and future—on any scale and at any distance.

This offers empaths the natural ability to receive, absorb, process, transmute, and relay energy, so that low, negative emotional vibrations turn into healthy, high, positive ones.

Transmuting energy is an alchemical process that changes the form, character, substance, and direction of energy. We are all alchemists, and we all have the power to transmute and alter emotional energy—however, this is one of an empath’s prominent skills, as they are emotionally intelligent, natural healers, and ultra-sensitive to energy. Therefore, they quickly identify negative entities—and then freely express love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and understanding—so that the vibration of the energy instantly transforms, and harmful negative energy is fluidly transmuted to positive.

Some people transmute consciously, and others do it subconsciously. If we are not aware that we are able to transmute energy, we will likely be doing it subconsciously—and we may be transmuting constantly, which could lower our vibration and lead us to feeling exhausted and depleted.

Many empaths suffer with fatigue and burn out—transmuting other people’s energy, particularly when it is extremely toxic and low, is one of the main reasons.

If there is someone around us who is constantly on a low energetic frequency, they could be depleting our energy, which may lower our own vibration—so, we must try to remain in a constant state of energy awareness and take precautions to ensure our energy is on a sustainable high frequency.

Empaths are sensitive to energy, and they attune to other people’s emotions, which means they immediately pick up on how other people are feeling. This can magnetically draw people toward them—or it pulls empaths toward others, as it feels natural for empaths to receive and process emotions to further enable healing.

The reason many empaths empathize at such deep and intense levels is because they temporarily take on and feel other people’s emotions as though they are their own. This can be part of the curse aspect of the “empath blessing and curse,” as it can be extremely painful and traumatic to feel other people’s emotions and feelings.

Emotions carry a strong vibration. The easiest way to describe an emotion is that it is energy in motion: E-motion.

Positive emotions carry a high vibration, and negative emotions carry a low vibration. High vibrations—such as unconditional love, kindness, patience, compassion, generosity, understanding, forgiveness, and humility—are capable of consuming and transforming low vibrations, such as fear, bitterness, resentment, rage, anger, jealousy, spite, and hatred. Low vibrations can also consume and cancel out high-vibration emotions.

When we express emotion, we are expressing an energetic vibration. Every time there is an emotional response, there is an expression of life force energy, prana. The stronger the emotional response, the greater amount of energy it carries with it, and the more forcefully it vibrates.

To dispel negative energy, we just need to set an intention to emanate high-vibrational, compassionate emotions. For example, if we feel that someone is venting anger, we can pick up on the radiating negative energy—and then, focus on transmuting the energy by emanating strong, high-vibrational, loving, compassionate thoughts, emotions, and feelings, so that the low vibrations are lifted up and transformed into higher, positive ones.

Transmuting begins when we remain nonjudgmental, regardless of how toxic and volatile the surrounding energy feels. If someone is directing low-vibrational thoughts, emotions, feelings, or intentions toward us—whether intentionally or unintentionally—we can radiate loving, light energy, so that the energy does not affect us.

Although transmuting is powerful, it is usually best not to expect miracles or believe the other person will change their thoughts, feelings, or intentions—as this will only happen if the person radiating negativity opens up to our energetic response and is willing to communicate energetically.

The reason empaths experience other people’s emotional, mental, and physical anguish is ultimately so that they are prompted to take action. Feeling other people’s pain and torment compels us to alleviate it—not just for the other person, but also for ourselves, so we no longer feel it.

Empathizing can sometimes be troublesome, as our own vibration can lower due to the sudden influx of low-vibrational energy. Therefore, it is important to remain aware that the sensations we are absorbing are not our own.

By remaining consciously aware, we can keep the incoming energy separate from our own, so that it does not remain in our energy field for longer than the few moments it takes to transmute it.

Negative external stimuli can be detrimental to our well-being, so it is crucial that we take care of ourselves first, before trying to take care of anyone else. We can do this by remaining grounded and protective of our energy—and also by being aware of how we were feeling before we sensed incoming overwhelming energy. This helps to ensure we are feeling balanced, as well as emotionally and mentally healthy, before we attempt to transmute anyone else’s energy.

When we express ourselves from the heart center—and we are unconditionally loving, compassionate, and accepting—we vibrate on a higher frequency, which helps us to automatically transmute negative energy to positive, without having to remain consciously aware that we are doing it and without it draining us.

Whenever someone projects emotional energy toward us, it is essential to remember that those emotions do not belong to us, and we do not need to absorb or hold on to them.

If someone attempts to pull us into an argument, and we feel an impulse to respond, we can practice transmuting the energy instead. When we are not used to transmuting, this technique can seem a little difficult; however, it soon becomes a natural way to avoid being triggered and reacting in ways that pull our energy levels lower.

When we are with a partner, friend, family member, or colleague whose energy is low and negative, we need to be cautious that we are not consistently taking on their emotions and experiencing them as though they are our own. Many empaths notice that they start to feel stressed, moody, or anxious when around people who feel that way.

Therefore, before we assign any particular emotional or mental state to ourselves, it is vital to ensure that we are not just absorbing the energy from people we are surrounded by. This can also happen to people we are connected to from a distance.

If someone is radiating negative energy, and we are not vibrating on a high frequency, we can quickly become exhausted. Certain people’s company—or even their distant thoughts and feelings—can cause us to feel exhausted, irritated, frustrated, and overwhelmed. It can make us feel as though we are endlessly transmuting. When we take on someone else’s low-vibrational emotions, without being aware that they are not our own, we will likely start to feel energetically low ourselves.

Healers, parents, teachers, or anyone in a role that requires peace-keeping skills may also notice that they feel instantly low when any kind of turbulence occurs around them—especially as their aim is to neutralize, calm, and ensure the surrounding atmosphere is vibrating with health, vitality, and comforting positivity for the well-being of those in their care.

This is why it is vital that we do not deplete ourselves through taking on other people’s emotions. Otherwise, we will not only become burnt out ourselves, but we also won’t be in a position to support and guide those we are responsible for.

Caregivers naturally and instinctively absorb the emotional energy of a distressed baby. We can see this when we see a mother or father respond to their baby screaming or crying. When the baby is talked to, or rocked and soothed in its parent’s arms, the baby calms down and becomes peaceful and contented. The parents transmuted emotional energy—and, at the same time, altered the behavior of the baby.

If someone is not able to transmute energy easily, instead of being at ease while soothing the baby, they may engage with the vibration of the baby’s emotions and grow tense and upset themselves. It can then be far more challenging to regain harmony and peace.

Sometimes, it takes a moment for the parent to calm down after the initial baby’s screams. Then, as the parent expresses pure, loving emotions void of any tension, the energy begins to transmute. It is then clear to see both the parent and baby calmer and more settled as the transmuted energy affects and transforms them both.

Recent research carried out at the Institute of HeartMath supports this theory, with findings showing how a mother’s brainwaves synchronize with her baby’s heartbeat when they are in close contact. A mother can become more sensitive to the subtle information radiating from the electromagnetic vibrations of her child, which scientifically proves there is an exchange of energy from one human to the other.

Something that’s risen from the findings of the study is to observe how this works on a mass scale—to help shift global consciousness and to create a more peaceful, harmonious, heart-centered world.

When we are surrounded with people who are non-judgmental—and who radiate compassion and love—we will notice that we feel less exhausted and we do not feel the need to transmute energy.

When we make a conscious effort to radiate love from the heart center, we will not only notice an immediate difference in how we feel, but we will also notice a vibrational change in those around us, as the emanating energy creates a calm, peaceful, and uplifting environment.

Unconditional love generates from a profound understanding of ourselves and other people without fear, judgment, or any other negative emotions.

If we all loved and accepted one another unconditionally (and knew how to transmute energy), without doubt, the world would quickly become a more peaceful, compassionate, harmonious place to exist.


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