October 14, 2017

Choose a Lover like This.

Choose a lover who, when they look at you, genuinely sees you. Choose a lover who peers beneath the surface of your skin and looks down into your soul.

Choose a lover who can see the sadness that weighs in your heart and who doesn’t judge you, but knows that to be fully human is to feel some pain.

Choose a lover who is not only captivated by your physical attractiveness but is drawn even more by the depth they see in your eyes.

Choose a lover who will hold your body carefully and tenderly as they recognize that your body is a temple for the most sacred aspect of you—your spirit.

Choose a lover where the penetration isn’t only physical, but holistic—choose a lover whose presence you feel to the very depth of your bones.

Choose a lover who is unselfish and who can hear what you need, and can even hear what you’re not saying, and is able to rise up to meet that need.

Choose a lover who can give as graciously as they can receive and who doesn’t keep tabs, or a running tally on who might “owe” something to the other.

Choose a lover who can make your body sing, but even more so, can open your heart to the magic of being enraptured.

Choose a lover who can feel where you’re tense or tight, and who can breathe life and freedom into those areas.

Choose a lover whose delight is in opening you, capturing your bliss in their palms, and drinking it in with joy.

Choose a lover with whom you feel safe and with whom you can completely surrender and let go—knowing that your vulnerability is under the shelter of their care.

Choose a lover who loves your mind, your soul fire, your spirit, and your body equally. Choose someone who can meet you where you are on all those planes and who will only add to your luster.

Choose a lover whose presence is an unquestionable addition to your life and who calls you to higher levels, whose depth speaks to your depth, and with whom you can soar.

Choose a lover who sees the very best in you and teases it out with careful hands and who glimpses the worst without fear.

Choose a lover who sees the mystery that is you and takes pleasure in exploring every level of intensity they can find.

Choose a lover like this…and wherever it may lead, you will both be better people for the experience.




Author: Lisa Vallejos
Image: Flickr/Wyatt Fisher
Editor: Travis May
Copy Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Social Editor: Waylon Lewis

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Read 1 comment and reply

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