October 14, 2017

Ever Feel like you Need a Vacation from Life?

Some people say that we should live a life we don’t need a vacation from.

However, that doesn’t mean one’s life will feel like a vacation in the way that we typically think a vacation should feel.

Life itself is a vacation—we’re vacationing from our etheric experience by having an earthly experience. The time we spend here in this body is smaller than a pin in a picture depicting the entire Milky Way.

We came here to experience ourselves as creators in the flesh. You don’t have to do a damn thing magnificent in your life, but you are the creator of it.

To vacation simply implies: to leave the premises.

Still, we didn’t come here to leave—we came here to arrive. Most of us lead lives we feel like we need a vacation from, because we haven’t gotten busy creating what we actually want in the first place.

Whether it’s staying with a spouse who drives us a nuts or a job we hate, every decision we’ve made up until this point has led us right here—to the life we’ve created.

However, rather than trying to escape our creations, we should enter fully into them. See, we can’t change something from outside of the thing we’re seeking to change. Change is an inside job.

If we want to make positive changes and live lives we don’t want to run or hide from, we’ve got to arrive fully and be present in our lives. We’ve got to show up. When we see our reality clearly and accept it for what it is, that allows us the freedom and power to change it into what we want it to be moving forward. We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge or accept.

The people who often say they need a vacation are the same people who rarely show up to their actual lives. Rather than stepping in fully and embodying the day-to-day challenges, they spend their energy in a heady place—in far-off lands, distant as ever, though physically present to the tasks at hand. They miss out on all the good stuff that’s available by taking their attention anywhere but here—the present moment.

Listen, I’m a culprit. I get it.

It’s an ongoing practice (and challenge) to stay aware, so that we don’t simply escape into la-la-land when the going gets tough. It takes dedicated intent to feel for your feet when your head feels like it’s exploding. However, if we recognize that we’re actually already “vacationing”—meaning that your bodily home, divinely speaking, is actually your vacation home—then we’ll remember to create experiences we no longer feel the need to escape from.

We’ve come to embody. Not to vacate.

Our life is already a vacation—we’ve just got to learn to appreciate it.

Staying present is the key.



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Author: Stacy Hoch
Image: Flickr/Roman Boldyrev
Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Copy editor: Travis May
Social editor: Waylon Lewis

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