December 20, 2017

3 Ways to Heal your own Energy.

We can become more empowered by realizing that we are powerful beings with consciousness, free will, and the ability to choose how we use our loving attention in every moment.

When we realize we are not victims, but instead, captains able to steer our own ships, we can no longer hide in the shadows of our journey, but need to stand front and center of our lives and make the choices that need to be made.

These choices don’t need to be the big decisions, like quitting our job or moving to a new city, because the most powerful choices we make are the tiny, moment-to-moment choices like the thoughts we think and where we focus our attention.

Energetic self-healing is done through purposely using your attention to direct the movement of your energy.

It can be achieved with two steps:

1. Setting an intention for energy to change.

2. Using a visualization to carry out that intention.

Energetic self-healing is not something we can evaluate through just reading about it. It is something that needs to be practised.

It doesn’t take a financial investment or a big time commitment. You don’t need to be sure you are doing it “right.” You just need to close your eyes, take five minutes, set a healing intention, and then use a visualization to imagine the energy moving.

Does this seem too simple? Well, usually the simple things in life are the best.

Below are three energetic self-healing techniques you can use anytime and anywhere. Pay attention to how you feel for three to five days after using one of these techniques to see how your life changes, or more importantly, if how you feel about your life changes.

Clearing another person’s energy off of you.

We can all find ourselves thinking too much about other people sometimes. Either we are worried about someone, or  angry at someone, or maybe just curious.

Perhaps we can’t stop thinking about them because they are thinking about us and sending too much energy in our direction? Either way, we need to focus on our own lives and journeys and everyone needs their own energy to feel whole, so it is beneficial to return energy to the sender.

So, let’s send everyone their energy back and reclaim our own energy. This is the best way to maintain our own integrity and vitality on our journey.

Set the intention that the person whose energy you want off of you is having their energy returned to them. Feel the motivation of generosity in this intention. Everyone needs their energy to feel whole!

Now imagine little drops of that person’s energy going back to them. Just see little raindrops of energy coming off of you and traveling back to the person you are working with wherever they are in the world. Be thorough with this process.

Then, set the intention that any of your energy attached to this person is coming back to you. See little bits of raindrop energy coming off the person and returning to you. Stick with it. You need your energy because you have beautiful things to do in the world!

Staying open to possibility.

Sometimes when we are scared or confused we shut our energy down. We don’t know what the next moment is going to be like. This is scary. The future is unpredictable so we may close down our energy in fear of the new opportunities that might come our way. What if they challenge us? What if they hurt us?

This fear of the new is the best way to keep our lives in a rut.

We don’t know what the future holds, but still we can stay open. We are strong, we are brave, and we can handle it. This is important to remember.

Picture the space above your head. Imagine there is a large funnel with the narrow end pointing toward your head and the wide end open to space. Make this funnel as big and spacious and full of light as possible. If there is darkness, set the intention that it is clearing, and then see the darkness dissolving and more light coming in.

Set the intention of “I am open and available to new possibilities.” If fear comes up in your heart when these words are said just be compassionate and gentle with yourself, but stick with the energetic self-healing anyway. The fear is the old pattern. The openness is the new pattern.

You can do this!

Feeling safer in the world.

We all have good reason to feel the world isn’t a safe place. Just turn on the television or listen to radio for even a minute and we are told constantly how dangerous and precarious this human life is.

This feeling of being unsafe in the world sucks.


It sucks all the joy, adventure, and sense of security out of our days and makes us feel tentative about continuing with the goals and challenges we have set out for ourselves.

Trying to rationalize with feeling unsafe in the world puts us in a mental loop of trying to convince the fear it isn’t true. This type of rationalization is boring and tedious.

Instead, we can go straight into the root chakra and generate healing.

Bring your attention to imagining your feet. Set the intention that your feet are open to life force energy. Feel your feet like a plant sending roots into the center of the earth. Draw earth energy up to just below your pelvis where you are imagining a ball of red light representing your root chakra. Feel this flow of energy from the center of the earth traveling straight into the root chakra, making it brighter, stronger, and more vibrant.

Feel the rest of your body.

Notice the change.

Celebrate the change.

This is your life, your energy; be empowered to steer it as you want. Hopefully, not toward the old patterns of fear and limitation, but toward the future which is bright, full of courage, and immersed in energetic healing more profound then you can presently imagine!


Author: Ruth Lera
Image: Elephant Archives
Editor: Lieselle Davidson
Copy Editor: Emily Bartran
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